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Eva Longoria in Bathing Suit Celebrates the Weekend

How the actor and activist stays fit.

Actor and activist Eva Longoria should add another title to her multi-hyphenate career: fitness guru. The 46-year-old is often posting inspiring images of her working out, providing fitspiration during this endless pandemic, and this weekend was no exception, as she posted two photos of her looking great, including one in a bathing suit. How does she stay so fit while keeping so busy? Read on to see 7 ways Eva Longoria stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Knows "No Weights, No Problem"

Eva Longoria/Instagram

Eva, a longtime fan of exercising on a trampoline, shared an Instagram Story of herself this weekend doing arm curls with two clear bottles. "No weights…no problem," she captioned the photo. (Her trampoline was right behind her.) No weights yourself? No problem! David Zinczenko, author of the best-seller Zero Belly Diet, says "try the Zero Belly Snaxercise Circuit. This 10-minute quickie delivers the benefits of much longer workouts. In fact, scientists in New Zealand say that short bouts of exercise like this may control blood sugar even better than a single, continuous workout. For snaxercise, you'll need a clock or the stopwatch function on your smart phone. Do the following in order: 

1 minute jumping rope

1 minute jumping jacks

1 minute high knees

1 minute burpees

1 minute bodyweight squats

1 minute jumping rope

1 minute jumping jacks

1 minute high knees

1 minute burpees

1 minute bodyweight squats."


This is Her AM Routine

David Livingston/Getty Images

"I try to wake up and immediately work out. I get up, put on my sunblock and running hat, and I'm off. I like to work out in the morning because the day gets away from me and I will never do it in the afternoon — I get too tired. After I run I eat probably the same thing every morning, which is egg whites with spinach and turkey bacon," she told The Cut.


She Meditates

Rich Fury/Getty Images

"Everything is about balance," she told the Cut. "I think people waste more time than they think. They think 'I don't have time to meditate, or I don't have time to work out,' and yet they have time to be on Instagram for 30 minutes — like, that could have been their meditation session. You have to prioritize your time and efforts toward wellness."


She Has a Healthy Outlook

Matt Winkelmeyer/WireImage

"I remember after my divorce, I was so thin and everyone kept saying how great I looked and it was probably the most unhealthy place I've ever been," Longoria told Health. "So it was funny what people would see as 'healthy.' In my worst time, people were saying I've never looked better. [But now] I have a great diet and exercise routine and I try to have a healthy outlook."


She's a Veg Head

JC Olivera/Getty Images

"I could easily be a vegetarian because I love vegetables so much and I feel like L.A. is a place that can support healthy living," Longoria told InStyle. "I love cooking with vegetables and I have a secret for cooking with vegetables, [which] is that they don't need a lot. A lot of people cover them in cheese or cover them in a sauce, and vegetables really only need olive oil."


She Snacks Like This

Nick Tininenko/Getty Images

"I love to cook. But when I'm on set, I have food delivery sent there. Before I could afford a food delivery system, I would make my breakfast and lunch, I'd pack some snacks, and put almonds in my purse. I was always prepared because I was always hungry," she told Health.


This is Her Secret to Looking Good

Kelly Lee Barrett/Getty Images

 "I do a lot. I'm a runner, I do yoga, I do pilates, I do SoulCycle and I'm just constantly mixing it up," the actress told People. "Everybody thinks there's some kind of secret to looking good, but it's not a secret. It's diet and exercise," she added.

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