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90 Day Fiancé's Fernanda Flores in Bathing Suit Launches "Bikini Season"

Here are the reality star’s top do’s and don’ts of staying in shape.

Fernanda Flores is ready for a steaming hot summer! The 90 Day Fiancé star posted a flaming hot photo this week, showing off her toned figure in a swimsuit. "Bikini season," she captioned the Instagram snap. How does the reality star stay fit? Read on to see 8 of Fernanda Flores' top tips for staying in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



Do Exercise Regularly

Fernanda regularly exercises. On the reality show and on Instagram the star is often found breaking a sweat and prioritizing her physical fitness. What are a few of her favorite exercises? Jump roping, lifting weights, stretches, and squats. 


Do Fight

Fernanda loves to box, and coincidentally, her new boyfriend is a boxer. "We met at [the] 5th Street Gym in Miami Beach," she recently revealed to In Touch. "I started training boxing there and one day, in the middle of my training, this tall handsome guy walks in and starts eating pizza in front of my hungry tired face LOL. We exchanged very strong looks [then] the rest [is] history…"


Don't Neglect Your Mental Health

Fernanda doesn't neglect her mental health. She recently revealed that going to therapy was a game-changer for her. "It has helped me so much," she admitted. "I am really happy to be in a such [a] better emotional place where I can have a healthy relationship without any of the toxic patterns of my past. However, I am still working on myself [and my] growth. Always trying to be better not only for myself but for the people around me."


Do Find a Workout Buddy

Fernanda is a big fan of the workout buddy system. Lucky for her, her boyfriend is happy to enlist. You can find lots of photos and videos of the two training hard together on her Instagram feed. They even teach classes. "As many of you know we share a strong passion about fitness and our healthy lifestyle, we really enjoy to workout together," she captioned a post. 


Don't Skip Cardio

Fernanda never skips cardio. Her favorite form? Cycling. "I will leave you here a BIKE CHALLENGE!!! Let's start our week right💕 Do you accept the challenge? 💪🏼⬇️ 20 Min Bike Workout!" she captioned this video. Her routine includes one minute sprints at a high intensity followed by one minute rest at low intensity, repeating ten times. 


Do This Stair Climber Workout

When Fernanda doesn't have a lot of time to exercise, she does a 30-minute full-body stair climber workout. "Take this Stair Climber workout for example, I did a variety of movements on just one machine only 30 minutes. I was able to pass the time easily. It's great for cardio. (You will feel the burn in your quads when you squat and climb.)" she captioned this post. 


Don't Skip Self-Care

Fernanda understands the importance of self-care. "Miami received me with an incredible weekend! Thank you @3dconnected @3dprmarketing @dinarezvanipour for hosting the wellness retreat 🧿🌱 beyond my expectations, I enjoyed every single minute of it. I learned so many new things, amazing experience and the best thing is the beautiful people I connected with," she captioned the post. 


Do Yoga

Fernanda also does yoga. "As I get older I realize how important is to work on my flexibility, meditate and connect with my body. Yoga has been key in my healing process and healthy lifestyle. Have you ever tried yoga before?" she captioned the post. She then went on to list all the "physical and mental health benefits" of striking a pose, which include improved flexibility, stress relief, mental health, reduced inflammation, improved strength, reduced anxiety, improved immunity boosting, and improved quality of life. 

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