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Flavia Palmiero in Bathing Suit Says "Happy Summer" Early

The actress posed on the beach

Argentinian actress Flavia Palmiero is never afraid to show off her body, especially if it's in a bathing suit she designed. Palmiero posted a stunning photo to Instagram of herself posing on the beach. We translated the caption: "There is no end to the sea!" it says. "The connection is infinite! That is why I chose to design my swimsuits! We are here to enjoy them! Today in my Ibiza leopard with red. An icon of our brand! @flaviapalmierocollection is in stores!" She added the hashtag #felizverano, or Happy Summer. How does she stay so fit while having a business? Read on to see 5 ways Flavia Palmiero stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Works Out Her Arms

Palmiero has posted a lot of her at-home workouts on her Instagram TV. In one of her workout videos, she revealed her upper body and arm workouts. She is seen using hand weights, doing bicep and tricep curls. 


She Works Out Her Legs

In another of Palmiero's at home Instagram TV workouts, she takes her followers through her leg and lower body workouts. She's seen doing leg lifts on her side, donkey kicks, candlesticks, and scissor kicks. 


She Dances

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Palmiero is an avid dancer and has posted several videos on Instagram of herself busting a move. She even does dance inspired workouts, usually with the company Endorfin Dance. Dancing isn't just a great way to get moving, it's also good for your mental health. According to WebMD, "Dance is an effective type of exercise that raises your heart rate and works your muscles. Exercise can help with symptoms of depression and anxiety by releasing certain chemicals in your brain. It also provides a way to escape repetitive negative thoughts and worries. These are thoughts that run through your mind over and over."


She Hits The Beach

Palmiero is a big fan of going to the beach to get her daily dose of Vitamin D. She has posted several photos of herself on Instagram enjoying a beach day


She Loves Veggies

Palmiero is a big fan of eating vegetables, and cooking with them. She has shared several recipes with her followers on Instagram, one of which contains cooked cherry tomatoes with oil. Tomatoes are a great veggie to incorporate into your diet: they are "underrated powerhouses when it comes to nutritional benefits, and they don't get the superfood status they've surely earned," says our sister site Eat This, Not That!. "One of the reasons why we're such big fans of tomatoes is because eating them can result in one major side effect you can't really get by eating any other popular foods: fending off cellular-damaging free radicals thanks to tomatoes' high levels of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant."

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