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Gabriella Howell in Bathing Suit is "Unreal"

Here’s how she stays fit.

Sutton United player, Gabby Howell, is not afraid to show off her body on social media. She's currently on vacation in beautiful Ibiza, and is making sure to post Instagram photos. Howell posted a shot of herself sitting in front of the ocean. She wore a bright pink bikini, showing off her athletic figure. Read on to see 5ways Gabriella Howell stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She's A Professional Athlete

Howell is a professional soccer, or football player. She plays for Sutton United Women. Naturally, this is one of her main sources of exercise. She revealed how she got into the sport in an interview with SUFCtv. "I've always been involved in football. I've got three older brothers, so as soon as I sort of started to be able to walk, I was watching them play and I used to find it really fun kicking a ball field and chasing after it.


She Uses Her Emotions As Fuel

Howell tells SUFCtv that she is an emotional person, and that this helps with her football career. "I've always been pretty much of a hotheaded person, especially on the pitch. And sometimes my emotions take the better of me, but it all comes from a good place and I'm very passionate about the way I play, the way my team plays and if nothing's going on well and I do show my frustration, but as I said, it does come from a good place and I just want us, myself and the team to do well."


She Calls Out Trolls

Howell was unfortunately trolled on social media and in media outlets for her looks. She decided to call them out in this Instagram post. "After seeing the fantastic movement of @hergametoo in regards to women footballers, I thought to share with them on Twitter some of the comments I get daily," she explained. "I then was contacted by The Mirror to share my views on this and I jumped at the chance. As said many times, I do not want to compare women to men, I simply just want it to be anyone can play regardless gender, age, appearance ect… daily I'm told that I've been chosen for looks over ability by people I don't know and have never seen me play…WHY DOES IT MATTER HOW SOMEONE LOOKS?!?!"


She Wants To Inspire People

Howell wants to inspire younger people with her career. In the same Instagram post, she talked about how important this was to her. "I want to inspire the younger generation to not feel like this, and that you can still feel feminine and play football," she wrote. "I have amazing teammates and a great club that support me in this. Hopefully I can carry on inspiring."


She Spends Time In The Water

When Howell isn't playing football, she's spending time by the water. She posts a lot of photos on Instagram of herself on the beach. She posted these photos of herself wading in the ocean in Ibiza. She captioned the post, "We back baby." Howell also posted this photo of herself and her friends having a pool day, captioning it, "I'm just here living life."

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