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Gabrielle Union in Bathing Suit Says Goodbye to 2021

Here’s how the actress keeps herself in such fabulous shape.

Gabrielle Union is heating up the beaches of Hawaii. The 49-year-old actress is currently vacationing on Maui with her family, flaunting her fabulously fit swimsuit body on social media. In her latest Instagram post, she shared some flashback photos of her 2021. How does she keep herself in such phenomenal physical form? Read on for 7 of Gabrielle Union-Wade's top tips for staying in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Her Diet Is Healthy

Union demonstrates dietary discipline. "No gluten, no dairy. Except when I eat gluten and dairy, she captioned a recent image on Instagram. She previously told Women's Health that she occasionally indulges in "eating what the hell I want and not thinking about it." She added to Us Weekly that she loads up on colorful produce. "I try to make my plate like a rainbow," she explained. "So, if you can work in some sweet potatoes or some yams or some yellow peppers, just to try to make your plate as colorful as possible."


She Uses Workout Buddies

Gabrielle Union/Instagram

Union is all about the workout buddy system, which is easy for her because the Union-Wade family is all about fitnes. "Training together, struggling, failing, trying to get better—it's been a cool thing that doesn't feel like, 'Let's go talk about our feelings.' It's like, I'm a cool mom!" Gabrielle told Women's Health. "Grind together, shine together," she also captioned a recent photos of her and Dwyane working out. 


Her Workouts Are Tough

Rich Fury/Getty Images for dcp

Union doesn't waste time during her workouts. She explained to Women's Health that efficiency is the name of the game, with her sweat sessions consisting of 15 to 20 minutes of cardio plus strength training and Pilates. "A Pilates routine generally includes exercises that promote core strength and stability, muscle control, and endurance, including exercises that stress proper posture and movement patterns and balanced flexibility and strength. It can also be helpful in training for sports or in physical rehabilitation," says the Mayo Clinic.


She Sweats in the AM

Rich Fury/Getty Images

Executing her workouts in the morning sets Union up for sweat success. "You know how you swing your legs off to the side of the bed?" she asks. "That's when you really think about life's decisions: How much would it cost if I cancel? What does traffic look like? Should I go back to sleep?" So, she drinks a coffee and hits the gym. "I don't leave people hanging." 


She Exercises Outdoors

Gabrielle Union/Instagram

Union is big on staying active outdoors. "I need sun. I need vitamin D on my face," she told WH. "Give me a trail, a park, a walk down the street with the dogs, a breeze, rain. I'll go hike. I'll get a lawn chair and sit outside my trailer so I'm not trapped inside."


She Drinks a Gallon of Water a Day

BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM via Getty Images

A gallon of water per day keeps Union looking and feeling gorgeous. "It's made a tremendous difference with my hair, skin, and nails. Everyone is always like, 'What did you do differently than everyone else? Why are you aging so slow?' It's something that everyone has access to and it not only helps with your beauty, it also helps with your fitness and digestion," she told Elle. She tries to drink half a gallon by noon, "casually" drinking the other half until 6:00 pm. Also, while she is working out she chugs "a good 32 ounces" to stay fueled up. "Just try and do as much as you can early," she suggests. 


She Avoids Sugary Drinks

Samir Hussein/WireImage

Union's secret to staying in shape and keeping her skin clear? "Eliminating all sugary drinks," she revealed to Us Weekly."The sodas, the coffee drinks…replace all of those with water. I do a gallon of water a day…It's really, really helpful when you're trying to lose weight."


She Refuses to Starve Herself


Union always keeps herself fueled up. "What good is it to be emaciated if your stomach's always growling?" she told Us Weekly. "That sucks. Have a burger!"

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