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Geordie Shore Star Sophie Kasaei Shares Swimsuit Photo Quoting Family Guy

Here are her top health habits.

Sophie Kasaei is quoting The Family Guy – in her swimsuit. In one of her latest social media posts the Geordie Shore star flaunts her assets and sense of humor, wearing a tiny blue bathing suit while paying homage to the popular television show. "It's a lifestyle Brian," she captioned the Instagram snap. "Wow," commented one. "Beautiful," added another, while many more simply left fire emojis. How does the reality star maintain her amazing body? Celebwell compiled a list of her top health habits. 


Living in Reality

Sophie, who famously lost a lot of weight in 2018, maintains her success had to do with finally living in reality. "When I look back, I just remember how indulged I used to be with food. My whole life revolved around food, I'd be eating breakfast and thinking about what I was going to have for dinner, I was just food obsessed," she told Fabulous. "I thought I could eat what I wanted. Looking back, I never ever thought I was big. I had one of those mindsets where I thought I was smaller than I actually was. I don't know if I had body dysmorphia, but the other way round. I genuinely thought I was a lot smaller. I think that's probably why I was unhealthy for all those years, because I genuinely thought I was normal."


No Takeout

Sophie has explained that making a simple change – like eliminating takeout – can make a huge difference with weight loss. "I've lost about 10lb during lockdown – that's in two months, so a pound a week," she told Fabulous. "That's just because I'm not eating takeaways and I'm not travelling up and down the country for work, stopping at services for meals. I've been cooking really healthy meals for myself."


Regular Exercise

Sophie works out every morning. "When I get up, I workout straightaway with my dad for an hour, because that makes me feel great," she told Fabulous. 


Overindulging on Occasion

When it comes to weight gain and loss, "easy come, easy go" is Sophie's theory. "I don't worry about gaining a couple of pounds, if I do put weight on I know I can easily lose it, because I know exactly how my body works," she told Fabulous. "If I over indulge, I don't put myself down about putting weight on. That's not me at all." 


Healthy Eating

Sophie fills up with food but tries to avoid most carbs. "Breakfast is two chicken sausages with scrambled or poached eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and a slice of gluten-free bread. I'm a sucker for a Starbucks sugar-free caramel latte with coconut milk," she told Closer UK. "For lunch, I'll always have some sort of seafood – maybe prawns. If I'm out, I'll get a protein box of chicken, broccoli and eggs, or a soup. I'll usually end up eating dinner late, around 9pm, which isn't great as it'll just sit on my stomach. I'll have fish, roast vegetables and microwaveable rice. I snack on chicken Fridge Raiders, Quavers, Wotsits or popcorn. I really prefer savoury foods – I think most Northerners do, which is why there's a Greggs on every corner in Newcastle!"

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