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Georgia Harrison in Bathing Suit is an "Incredible Beauty"

Here are the Love Island star’s top rules for staying in shape. 

Georgia Harrison is feeling cheeky in her swimsuit! The Love Island star flaunts her incredible figure via one of her latest social media posts, wearing a skimpy swimsuit in Ibiza.  "She's got some cheek," the gorgeous reality star captioned the series of snaps.  How does the Brit beauty keep herself in prime mental and physical form? Read on to see 5 of Georgia Harrison's top tips for staying in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Rule 1: Get Your Zen On

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Georgia is all about meditation, using apps like Headspace and also guided YouTube videos. "Then, from there you can figure out what suits you best, so you can do it with no music at all or just in silence," she told Heat World. "I think the most important thing for me and other people if they tried it, is meditation. I'm forever saying it and I will forever repeat myself! Your thoughts are constantly moving like a golf ball in a washing machine, if you don't pause it and stop for a second, you're really going to damage yourself mentally and physically. The only way to mindfully pause your thoughts is to meditate."


Rule 2: Exercise

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Obviously, Georgia puts in time at the gym to achieve such a fit physique. "Exercising was a turning point in my life I think and without exercising my mental health isn't the same," she told Heat World. "It's no ifs or buts, if I go a couple of weeks without exercising I'm not living up to my full potential mentally." She also ensures she gets a workout in by doing at-home exercise. 


Rule 3: Chill Out with Cryotherapy

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Georgia is a big fan of chilling out with cryotherapy. She sits in negative 90 degree cold chambers and maintains there are serious health benefits. "I only got talked into it because I heard all the footballers do it. Once you get in it, you literally think, 'oh my god, will my nipples turn to icicles and flick off ?' You think it looks easy because you're only in it for two minutes, but it's actually so cold. I think it helps with muscle repair, you're supposed to burn like 700 calories and it's really good for skin issues like psoriasis and stuff like that," she said


Rule 4: Just Say No to Animal Products


Georgia avoids all animal products and maintains a vegan diet, which helps keep her psoriasis under control. "So after 10 to 15 years of trying literally everything you could imagine, from going to hospital once a week to light chambers and they never worked. So I went vegan and I had to really stick to it for about four to six weeks and ever since then my psoriasis has completely disappeared," she told Heat World. "I always used to think it could have been alcohol to yeast, I have tried to cut out all different things, because I really didn't want to have to give up cheese. Eventually I stuck to the vegan diet and it did all go. But don't get me wrong, I'm completely vegetarian but every now and then I will have a little Pina Colada or a little slip up, I'm not orthodox." Her favorite meals? "I love vegan fajitas, made with quorn or something like that. I know it's super boring, but I love getting a big sweetcorn soup and throwing loads of chillies in it. All just random vegetables, I just love it, it's so filling."


Rule 5: Maintain Positivity

Georgia believes that if you maintain positive energy, you will also attract it. "I believe that the universe works off of constant vibrations and I think that when you're giving off a vibration negativity, you're returned with more negativity and when you give off a vibration of positivity, more positive events happen in your life," she told Heat World. "If you are patient and give it a really good chance, a few weeks, maybe even a month, you'll start to see things materialize in your life and with that faith you'll then be able to move forward and utilize the Law of Attraction but if you give up after two days because you didn't wake up with 100 quid on your face, it's not going to work!"

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