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Georgia Townend in Bathing Suit Shares "Aussie Album"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Georgia Townend first made waves in 2021 when she appeared as a contestant on Love Island. She also has a strong presence on Instagram. Townend just shared a new set of gorgeous photos. In them, she enjoyed time at the beaches in Australia. In some of them, she posed in a white bathing suit and skirt. She captioned it, "Aussie Album: Vol. 1." Read on to see 5 ways Georgia Townend stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



She's Confident


Townend is all about body positivity. She encouraged others to do so in the caption of this Instagram post. "Don't spend your life waiting for your body to look 'perfect', all the while missing out on buying the dress you love because it's not the size you want on the label, or skipping the holiday because you don't want to stand next to your skinny friends."


She's Driven

Townend decided to return to her job after shooting Love Island. She opened up about her decision to Grazia. "During Love Island I was on sabbatical from work, with the intention always being that I would return to my job," she said. "I'm very career driven and have invested a huge amount of time and dedication into building my career, I've climbed the corporate ladder, and my career continues to be very important to me."


She Wants To Be A Role Model

Townend tells Grazia that she wants to inspire her fans. "It's important that I send a positive message out to young people who perceive Instagram or other creative careers as the only measure of success," she says. "Good jobs and careers all look different to different people. So long as you are in a role that you firstly enjoy, where you feel like you are actively contributing, and continue to grow and develop, you're in a very good career."


She Horseback Rides

Townend loves to spend time with animals. One thing she likes to do is ride horses. She shared this photo on Instagram of herself riding in Brecon. She captioned it, "AP McCoy is out of retirement." Townend also shared these photos of herself riding in Sunset Ranch Hollywood. She captioned it, "Only fools and horses."


She's All About Kindness

Townend believes in kindness. She shared this post on Instagram celebrating World Kindness Day. She captioned it, "A philanthropic duty point to anyone who gives someone a compliment today. Double it if they're a stranger. Points redeemable in heaven."

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