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Hallmark Christmas Star Rhiannon Fish Shares Swimsuit Pictures From Hawaii

Here are her lifestyle tips.

My Norwegian Holiday star Rhiannon Fish took a break from filming Christmas content over the summer to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Honolulu, Hawaii. Fish, 32, shared pictures of herself from an impromptu photoshoot taken in the surf, posing in a white bikini in the water. "Excuse me girl ???? You look AMAZING OMG," a fan commented. Here's how Fish takes care of her health, inside and out. 


Oatmeal For Charity


Fish once chose to live on less than $2 a day for charity Live Below The Line, subsisting on a bag of oatmeal a day. "I am absolutely honored to be a part of such a truly wonderful and relevant cause," she says. "In life, I think it is incredibly important to take the time to put things into perspective and never take anything for granted. I believe that challenges such as Live Below The Line will help all of its participants, including myself, to have a greater understanding of what a day in the life of someone living in extreme poverty must be like. There is no reason for any human being to suffer in extreme poverty, especially when our generation can end it." 


Advice For Actors

Fish has good advice for young actors. "You can never give up," she says. "I was told no so many times, went to so many auditions and often got close to getting the part but it often came down to simple things like having the wrong hair color or simply the other girl was better and you just can't let that break you down. You have to be prepared to have people tell you no, and it sucks at the time but you take a deep breath, move on and try again. I think that that's important."


Balanced Life

Fish is happiest when she can balance work and family. "The things that make me happiest are my family and my job. So in a perfect world I would be able to continue working and acting," she says. "[T]hat doesn't mean necessarily being in a huge blockbuster Hollywood film. I would honestly be happy doing a local play just around the corner as long as I was working and surrounded by my family and my friends. I think that that would be the perfect world for me."


From Soaps To Hollywood

Fish found making the switch from soaps to movies nerve-wracking. "There is something that is definitely more intimidating about film," she says. "Film almost seems timeless to me. There's something about a film that really feels set in stone and exists forever. Whereas if you are doing a soap opera like Home & Away it goes up for thirty minutes and you never see or hear of it again. So film feels very permanent and in a sense it makes you want to prep more. To sit back at the end of the day and say I did everything I could for that performance."


Positive Body Image

Fish started her career on Aussie soap Home and Away, and says the experience taught her a lot about healthy body image. "There's a lot of pressure on that show to look a certain way – and it doesn't come from the producers or any of the directors – but I find you enter the show and you're so young that you put a lot of pressure on yourself to think you have to look a certain way, and it's a matter of pulling yourself out of it and going 'no, that's stupid, you're a role model'," she says. "You need to be normal and look healthy and show other girls that that's the right thing to do."

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