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Holly Hagan in Bathing Suit is at "30 Weeks"

Here’s how she stays so fit.

Holly Hagan first became known as a cast member on the hit reality series, Geordie Shore. She has since transitioned to a career as a fitness and wellness coach. Hagan and her husband, football player, Jacob Blythe, are currently expecting their first child. She just shared a revealing new photo on her Instagram this week. In it, Hagan posed in a purple bathing suit, her bump on display. She captioned the post, "30 Weeks." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Holly Hagan stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



She Overcame Imposter Syndrome

In this post on Instagram, Hagan opened up about what made her decide to start her career as a fitness coach. She says that she had insecurities about it at first, but decided to not let them hold her back. "I suffered massively with imposter syndrome in the beginning.. I thought 'how could a girl who's had surgery and promoted diet products ever be taken seriously in the fitness industry?' But then I turned what I believed was my biggest weakness into my greatest strength. I am an expert in what NOT to do because I truly have tried it all! I am living proof they are a load of crap and do not work long term. I made all the mistakes so that you don't have to."


She Weight Trains

One thing Hagan does to stay in shape is weight train. She opened up about the process of this in the caption of this Instagram post. "IT'S OK TO FAIL! I've always been terrified of the squat rack. It was always 'the mens' area of the gym, and I felt the looks from men in commercial gyms waiting for me to finish my sets using the bar only. It filled me with anxiety even to try. Then I went to @real_life_health_and_fitness and focused on weights properly for the first time. I remember using the 20kg bar and feeling like my shoulders back and legs were all going to snap, my catchphrase 'it's uncomfortable' was born. 🤣I moaned my way through sets, didn't focus on my breathing, and even had a panic attack at one point. Fast forward 18 months (minus lockdown time) and that fear is still there, I panicked, didn't focus and gave up. But I tried again.. No, my posture isn't perfect, but squatting 80kg is a huge achievement for me, and building strength has been my main focus."


She Cooks

Hagan makes sure to eat healthy. One thing she likes to do is cook healthy meals for herself. In her fitness plan, Hagan reveals some healthy foods for her students to eat. She also shares some of her favorite recipes on Instagram. In this video, she is seen making healthy pancakes for breakfast. She captioned the post, "Nothing says sunshine like mango and passionfruit breakfast pancakes. 🥞345cals ✔️"


She Dances

Hagan does a lot of things to stay in shape, and she includes them in her fitness program. One thing she included was dance and dance-based exercises. And she even convinced her husband to join her. In this video Hagan posted on Instagram, she and her husband are seen doing a salsa inspired workout. She captioned it, "Spice up your wife. 🤣💍 Special guest appearance on this weeks v step vibes class @blythy9 attempting the salsa. 💃🏼🕺🏽"


She Believes In Balance

Hagan makes sure to eat healthy, however, to her, that doesn't mean giving foods up. She talked about why she believes in balanced diets in this Instagram post. "This is such a common misconception that when beginning a fat loss journey that you're going to have to give up all of the things you enjoy and eat lettuce for breakfast dinner and tea! 🤣No food is a 'SYN', 😭 we simply have some foods with higher caloric value than others and some foods that are more nutrient dense. No food should be off limits. You should still be able to enjoy life. 💃🏼We focus on being able to create a sustainable balanced diet with nothing off limits."

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