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Iskra Lawrence in Bathing Suit Says "Good Morning"

Here are her top 5 exercise rules.

Iskra Lawrence is wishing fans a "good morning" in her swimsuit! The inspiring model, influencer, and designer shows off her beautiful body in a few swimsuits via her latest Instagram Stories posts, motivating fans to start off the day on a healthy note. In a recent interview with Celebwell, the mother-of-one revealed her top 5 fitness secrets.  Read on to see Iskra Lawrence's top tips for staying in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Find Joy in Movement

Iskra Lawrence/Instagram

Iskra insists that it is important to have a healthy relationship with fitness. "As someone who's had an eating disorder and had body dysmorphia, I used to see exercise as punishment, and I used to simply see it as a means to burn more calories, so I could be in calorie deficit," she told Celebwell.  Then she found "that joy in movement" and realized that exercise didn't have to be "all or nothing" and then she started to enjoy it. "Now I know that there are so many different ways I can move my body," she said.


Challenge Yourself

Iskra Lawrence/Instagram

Iskra suggests finding ways to push and motivate yourself to do more. "When I do find a new challenge. I then feel really accomplished when I do something that's either unexpected or I know is empowering." For example, sometimes she sets a high number of reps or weights. 


Focus On Building Strength

Robin L Marshall/Getty Images

Iskra strives for a feeling of strength and empowerment. "I like to view my body as something that's strong and something that's able, something that's taking me around the world enabling me to do things," she continued. "I love going on hikes running after my little one." Now she views her body, "like it's my home," she continues. "I want it to be strong. I want it to be built out of brick, not straw." 


Find Your Safe Fitness Place

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Iskra isn't exactly comfortable in gym settings. "As a woman I feel like I'm never taken seriously when I want to use a piece of weight equipment," she said. "I get interrupted a lot, even during reps and sets. I've been interrupted multiple times, tapped on the shoulder trying to talk to me about form. And for me when I want to work out it's like I only have this much amount of time allotted to move, and I just want to be in it. I want to forget that I'm in the real world. I'm just in this zone." This is why she tries to workout at home. 


Mix Up Your Workouts

Pierre Suu/GC Images

While her partner, Philip Payne, can do the same cardio workout every night of the week, Iskra needs to mix up her routine and dabble in different workouts. "That would drive me bananas," she told us. "I need to switch it up." 

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