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Janhvi Kaproor in Bathing Suit Practices "Self-Care"

The actress gave herself a facial.

Bollywood star Janhvi Kapoor—of the Netflix hits Ghost Stories and Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl—enjoyed her weekend. And she looked great while doing so. Kapoor posted a stunning photo on Instagram of herself relaxing in her home, captioning the photo, "Self care weekend." Read on to see 5 ways Janhvi Kapoor stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Promotes COVID-19 Vaccines

Janhvi Kapoor/Instagram

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing on, Kapoor is encouraging her followers to protect themselves. Kapoor is encouraging her followers to get the COVID-19 vaccine, and has included a link to vaccinations in her Instagram bio. 


She Hikes

Prodip Guha/Getty Images

Kapoor spends a lot of time outside, and she posts a lot of stunning photos of herself enjoying the great outdoors. Kapoor is a big fan of hiking and has posted a lot of photos of herself hiking on Instagram. Hiking is a great way to stay active. "Going up and down hills gives the heart a great workout," board-certified family physician, Dr. Ray Sahelian, tells WebMD.


She Swims

Prodip Guha/Getty images

In addition to hiking, another of Kapoor's favorite outdoor activities is hitting the beach and going for a swim. She posted this stunning video on Instagram of herself enjoying time in the ocean. 


She Does Pilates

Milind Shelte/Getty Images

Kapoor is a big fan of Pilates as a way to stay in shape. She posted this photo on Instagram of herself doing leg exercises on a reformer. Pilates isn't just a great way to stay active, it can also allow you to build more awareness about your body. "It is an education in body awareness," says Pilates studio owner Siri Dharma Galliano, to WebMD. "It changes your shape by educating you in daily life."


She Takes Care Of Her Skin

Prodip Guha/Getty Images

Kapoor has incredible skin, and she makes an effort to take care of it. "Proactive skin care can help keep your skin youthful and healthy. Start with skin care rule No. 1 — protect yourself from the sun. When you're outdoors, wear protective clothing and use generous amounts of sunscreen. Then consider other skin care basics, such as avoiding strong soaps and managing stress," says the Mayo Clinic. "Of course, skin care goes beyond sunscreen and daily cleansing. Understand the risks and benefits of tattoos and piercings, including the latest tattoo removal techniques. Know the ins and outs of sunless tanning products. Find out the best ways to treat acne. Consider whether laser hair removal is right for you."

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