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Jenna Dewan in Bathing Suit is "Grateful for Mother Nature"

The actress opens up about her health practices in a recent interview.

Jenna Dewan is revealing all of her health secrets! The 41-year-old mother-of-two recently opened up about all of her daily practices and rituals, responsible for her ageless beauty, gorgeous body and overall, happy and well-adjusted demeanor in a new interview with Shape magazine. She also posted a photo looking fabulous in nature, in a bathing suit and others with her partner, actor Steve Kazee. "Grateful for the beautiful moments of love and the magic of Mother Nature. A soul refreshing adventure in every single way," she captioned it. Read on for 7 ways Jenna Dewan stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Stays Up to Date with Vaccines

Jenna recently partnered with Rite AID to encourage everyone to get their flu shots. "I really believe in doing everything I can to stay healthy for my family throughout flu season, so flu shots as well as vitamins and supplements are very important," she explained. "Like every other working mom in the world, taking days off to be sick is really not helpful. I do everything I can to keep my immune system strong and to be there for my family."


She Makes Sure to Rest

Jenna Dewan/Instagram

"Rest is the hardest thing for me to come by, as I'm sure most people can relate, but I try to get as much as I can," she revealed. "Making time for myself within working, within family, within all of that is very, very important for me and not the easiest to do, but I make it a priority."


She Sets Boundaries


A "recovering people pleaser," Dewan practices boundary setting. "I've messed up, I've succeeded, I've failed, and I still work at it, but I found that boundaries not only create more space for yourself to feel better, but it also creates a feeling of safety for your kids," she said. "It's tough, because I'm a softie, and I have a huge heart, and I want everyone to be in harmony at all times, but I've learned that holding to the boundaries in a loving way makes everyone in the house better. When I'm not as strong on it, everything goes chaotic in the house, including my own space and time for any kind of self-love and rest. So you rest, you give to yourself, you're better for your kids."


She Takes Me Time

Dewan's "me time" can consist of taking a bath or going on a hike or walk. She also meditates. "I go in and out of being a really great meditator and someone who does it when they can, but even just one meditation a day or every other day — as much as I can to keep my stress levels down — is really good for me," she said.


Her Diet Is Nutrient Dense

on Kopaloff/WireImage

Dewan is on a nutrient dense, vegan, and gluten- and dairy-free diet, and has meals delivered created by nutritionist Elissa Goodman. "I've really noticed a huge difference," Dewan explained about her new diet. "I do this probiotic drink in the morning, and [my] digestion gets better, [my] bloating goes down… And the difference I feel in my energy and my skin and my mood while eating this way is all the proof I needed. I feel more balanced. I feel less sluggish. Food is medicine."


She Follows the 80/20 Rule


Dewan also follows the 80/20 rule, eating healthy most of the time. "I never deprive myself," she said. "When I want to eat the nachos or French fries, I make sure I have the ability and space to do that. But I try to eat healthy most of the time."


She Love Crystals

Big on spirituality, Dewan is a big fan of these sparkling rocks. "I loved crystals, and I learned more about the properties of each crystal and the Feng Shui of where to put them in the house, and it just became almost a hobby.," she said. "Rose quartz by the side of your bed brings in the energy of the heart chakra and love and calm and peace. Amethyst, if there's a spot where you like to relax and meditate or even get massages, that's a great stone to have nearby. And there are grounding crystals, like hematite, if you have these days where you feel a little spacey. It's kind of like a talisman. They're also just really beautiful to have in the house." 

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