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Jessica Alba Wears "Latina Power" Shirt on Latina Equal Pay Day

And here’s all the ways she stays fit.

Jessica Alba is known for her roles in Dark Angel, Good Luck Chuck, Fantastic Four, and Sin City. In recent years, she's become known for owning the Honest company, which is dedicated to making natural household products. Alba has also consistently been considered one of Hollywood's most gorgeous women, and is known for her impressive body. But she's also an activist. "Did you know Latinas are paid an average of 57 cents for every dollar made by the white, non-Hispanic male worker? This is totally unacceptable‼️" she captioned an Instagram post today, wearing a "Latina Power" T-shirt. "Every day should be #LatinaEqualPayDay, but here's why today is special. Latinas have to work an extra 9 months and 21 additional days of work to make what white men made in 2020 alone" (source: @leaninorg) That's more than 46 additional weeks, 324 days or 7,776 hours. This is just not right – Latinas work hard and deserve equal pay! #LatinasCantWait #SheSePuede" Read on to see 6 ways Jessica Alba stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Makes Protein Packed Smoothies in The Morning

For breakfast, Alba says that she loves to make smoothies, which she makes sure are packed with protein and healthy fats. "I like to make a protein shake," she tells Byrdie. "And I make sure there's plenty of fat in there with almond butter. Then I'll use Zico coconut water. Depending on whether or not I want a chocolate one or plain one, sometimes I'll put fruit in it. The kids love it! I like to get them shakes so I can get some protein in them. Chocolate, coconut, almond butter shakes with banana butter!"


She Loves Coconut Water


Alba says that she makes sure to stay hydrated throughout the day, and she says that she loves to drink coconut water. "I really love the health benefits that come with coconut water," she says to Byrdie. Alba also says that she has a specific brand of water that she likes to drink, Zico. "I think the thing that makes Zico different from other coconut waters is it's not from concentrate; there's no added sugar. And it tastes like kind of a treat because it's sweet. I don't drink a ton of other types of drinks. I drink coffee, tea, and coconut water—that's it."


She Cooks Healthy Meals

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Alba tells Byrdie that she loves to cook for her family, and she makes sure to make healthy meals. She says, "My family likes when I make Cornish game hen—or stir fries, pastas, and lasagna. The kids are pretty easy; they like pretty much everything. I like to cook. In the summer, we do a lot of grilling; in the winter, we do roasting. We always have roasted veggies. I kind of like to cook anything depending on the weather. If I ever wrote another book, I'd want to do a cookbook. I'd love the excuse to cook for six weeks. It'd be the dream. Each meal would have to be 20 minutes; I like to cook fast.'


She Loves To Take Workout Classes

Alba says that she doesn't like to work out alone, rather she loves taking classes or going to the gym with friends. "I really like taking group classes, or I like to work out with friends," she tells Byrdie. Alba does like to take some specific classes. "I like Spin classes, depending on the teacher and the playlist. I do like hot yoga classes, if it's done at a good pace."


She Works Out When She Can & To Feel Good

Karwai Tang/Getty Images

With Alba's busy schedule, it can be difficult to get in a workout. However, she tells Shape that she works out when she can, and that she works out to feel good about herself. "If I work out four times, I consider it a successful week. But it's typically more like two to three days a week because that's what I have time for. I take Spin or hot yoga classes in the morning, and I sacrifice sleep to fit them in. For me, the benefits of exercise are more mental than physical. Working out takes away that little edge so that I feel happier and more productive and my brain can get kick started."


She Appreciates Her Body

Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

Alba says that she appreciates her body, no matter what it looks like. She says to Shape, "I love my shape because it does what I want it to. If I want to go on a hike or a bike ride or go for a swim, I know my body will do everything I tell it to. I also appreciate that I can push myself through when I'm feeling tired. There's always a little extra something to get me past the tired moments."

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