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Jessica Goicoechea Shares "Fav Swimsuit" Photo

Here’s how this model stays fit.

Spanish star Jessica Goicoechea, girlfriend of ex-Barcelona star Marc Bartra, is showing off a favorite swimsuit from her GOI label. Goicoechea, 26, shared a selfie of herself looking beautiful in a dark blue swimsuit, posing on the beach with her hair wet from a recent swim. "Fav swimsuit," she captioned the post. "Wow!" a fan commented. Goicoechea works hard for her physique—so how exactly does she do it? Here are 5 ways the model stays fit and camera-ready.


Soy Milk and Fresh Juice


Goicoechea swears by soy milk for a healthy start to the day. "[I have] a good breakfast to start the day with energy," she says. "I don't have a fixed breakfast, or else one day I feel like milk with cereal and another day a good natural juice… I recently discovered Strawberry Tomato Watermelon Soup, and I absolutely loved it!"


Weights and Yoga

Goicoechea credits healthy lifestyle habits with her spectacular physique. "Training and with perseverance," she says. "Luckily I have good genetics but you have to keep fit and for that you need discipline. I exercise four or five days a week, if my schedule allows it. Among the activities I do include weights, yoga or pole dancing."


Pescatarian Diet

Goicoechea follows a pescatarian diet. "I do not give too much importance to diet, I am a good eater," she says. "Simply, before a shoot I try not to bloat myself to see myself in top shape. But I'm not saying no to anything. Lately I am reducing the consumption of meat and I can say that I already consider myself 100% pescatarian." 


Summer Swimsuit Workouts

Goicoechea switches up her exercises depending on the type of work she is doing. "I try to keep my body active during the week at Club Bonasport. I do functional training and yoga classes to relax my mind, while cultivating my body," she says. "Besides, I'm also doing pole dance classes: I'm learning recently, but I love it, it's fun and it keeps me in shape. Summer swimwear campaigns are a 'must' in my work, including those for my clothing brand, GOI. For all of them the body requires more specific training. With [trainer] Ana Luisa this year we have worked a lot on the buttocks and abs to be perfect all summer. I'm working on elasticity. I am flexible, but I would like to be more, so we are reinforcing this point. I'm making a lot of progress and I'm really happy with the results."


Summer Beauty

Goicoechea keeps her beauty routine very simple, especially during the warmer months. "Very natural," she says. "In summer, if I'm a brunette, I don't even use a foundation! Just mascara (from Maybelline), a little blush and, above all, a nude lip – it's my favorite. I try not to overload it with creams, and I love using toners . My favorites are those with rose water."

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