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Jessie James Decker in Bathing Suit Celebrates End of Year

Here’s how to get her body.

Jessie James Decker is closing out 2021 by sharing some of her favorite year-end photos—and most of them involve the country singer showing off her famously fit figure in a swimsuit! "These are my top 10 most liked photos of 2021 with the one of me and Viv in Santorini being the number 1 most liked photo of the year! What I'm summing up here is y'all liked our trip to Greece, ya like my fitness posts, y'all like the family photos … I'll keep that in mind for 2022," she captioned the gallery. How does the 33-year-old keep herself so fit? Read on to see 5 of Jessie James Decker's top tips for staying in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Work Out Hard

Jessie doesn't mess around in the gym, doing lots of weight training. She recently shared an Instagram video of her routine. Her intense workouts begin with 30 seconds of jump rope, high-knee running, ankle grabs, high kicks, lunges and lateral lunges, spinal rotations, and tension squats. Next up? Overhead squats with resistance bands, medicine ball slams and tosses, medicine ball chest passes, medicine ball sit-up tosses, resistance band pulls, deadlifts, step-down exercises, weighted overhead presses, inverted rows, bent over kettlebell rows, weight plate steering wheel exercises, dumbbell rotations, and box jumps. "I work out 3 to 4 times a week and they pretty much look like this with certain variations whether we're doing more upper body or lower body," she revealed. 


Try Fasting

Jessie James Decker/Instagram

Jessie doesn't officially call her way of eating intermittent fasting, but she doesn't eat for long stretches of time. Her eating method is very similar to a 16:8 fasting routine, she told Women's Health. "I eat what I want to eat within that time frame but don't overdo it," she explained. "The timing really is important to me."


Eat Lots of Protein

Jessie James Decker/Instagram

Jessie packs a lot of protein into her diet. If she does eat breakfast it will be a bowl of oatmeal or toast and coffee with cream. Post workout, she will sip on a protein shake. "For lunch, I will have 4 to 6 ounces chicken salad or chicken over rice," she revealed on Instagram. "For dinner, I will either have a lean red meat, like flank steak with vegetables, chili from my book, or the same kind of thing—chicken and rice vegetables or my fit-enchiladas from my first book." 


Stock Up On Frozen Meals

Jessie James Decker/Instagram

Jessie is a fan of frozen TV dinners, only she opts for the healthier versions from Trader Joes. "They are so good if I don't have time to make myself lunch," she told Women's Health. "I get the Indian curry or butter chicken and rice meals, and they are so delicious and filling. I have stashes of them in the freezer in the garage. I never want to run out."


Don't Skip Workouts

Jessie James Decker/Instagram

Jessie doesn't let anything get in the way of her workouts. "Got in at 1:30 am last night from shooting a music video( deets on that coming soon)! But I wasn't about to miss my work out! Gotta get it in!!! Here's some snippets from this morning💪 (also if I'm in charge of the music and Eric doesn't take over, I play @nickelback to get my hyped," she captioned a recent post. Even during vacations she manages to get a workout in. 

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