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Jhene Aiko in Bathing Suit Says "The World Is Yours to Create"

Aiko is looking ahead to the birth of her child with Big Sean.

Hip hop singer songwriter Jhene Aiko is reveling in the upcoming birth of her child with rapper Big Sean, which was revealed in JulyShe posted this Instagram pic of herself in maternity beachwear, with the caption, "The world is yours to create… what will you make of it? 💫". "Whole new motivation for real!" Big Sean wrote July 3 on his Instagram Story. "Very grateful God continues to bless us, thank you."  Read on to see how Jhene Aiko stays in shape and the photos that prove they work. And to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



She Finds Peace at the Ocean

Jhene Aiko/Instagram

Aiko, who has experienced depression and the loss of her brother, finds solace by the sea.

"I feel at peace when I'm by a body of water," she said. "We're mainly water, as human beings. I feel super connected to it."


She Runs

Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images

Aiko ran in the Adidas "Run for the Oceans" 5K to raise money to deal with plastic pollution in the ocean by making sneakers out of recycled water bottles.

"I'm proud of Adidas, because it takes initiatives like these to put the world back in balance," she said. "We've placed so much stress on the planet that it's up to us to backtrack."


She Works With a Trainer

Rich Fury/Getty Images

"When I'm home, I meet with a trainer," Aiko said.  "I do like an hour, three days a week," she added. "I just got a bike, and I live by the water, so I do that with my daughter, and I love to hike."


She Works Out on the Road

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

When she can't train in a gym or at home, Aiko does what she can while touring.  "I just try to do at least some squats when I'm traveling," she said. "I have bands and ankle weights."


" 5 "

She's Vegan


Aiko is vegan, and she avoids processed and junk foodOne of her favorite dishes is carrot and potato tacos, and she shared the recipe on Fuse's YouTube channel. "Carrots are also a good source of vitamin A, with 1,069 mcg in a cup of chopped raw carrots," says Harvard Health. "A cup of mashed turnips has 51 calories and 76 milligrams (mg) of calcium — as much calcium as half of a slice of cheddar cheese. A medium baked russet potato (including its skin) has 164 calories and 935 mg of potassium (more than twice the potassium of a medium-sized banana)."

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