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Joey King in Bathing Suit Says "I've Trapped My Thirst"

Here are her top diet and fitness tips.

Joey is setting up a thirst trap (and a joke) in her swimsuit. The young actress shows off her beautiful body in a bathing suit via one of her latest social media posts. "I've trapped my thirst," she captioned the set of Instagram snaps, which included one of herself clad in swimwear and another "trapping" her mouth with three glasses of wine. How does The Kissing Booth star keep herself looking so healthy and happy? Read on to see 6 of Joey King's top diet and fitness tips for staying in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!



Eat As Healthy As Possible, Without Totally Depriving Yourself

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Joey maintains a healthy diet, but doesn't deprive herself.  "As far as diet and exercise go, I try to eat as healthfully as possible, but I don't make myself crazy," the actress said in an interview with The New Potato. "If I'm craving a piece of bread or a bowl of pasta, sometimes I just need to listen to my body and indulge. You definitely have to find a balance, though, because eating the right things has incredible health and healing benefits." She tries to fill her diet with fruits, veggies, and protein, "but nobody is perfect."


She Works Out Almost Daily

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Joey makes exercise a regular part of her life.. "It's not about how you look – it's about taking care of your body so you can be the best you," she told The New Potato. "I also try to exercise 4-5 times a week, but that's if I'm feeling really motivated. I absolutely love exercise because I feel energetic and happy when I work out on a regular basis, but sometimes 'vegging out' is so necessary."


She Runs and Boxes

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In addition to exercising at the gym, Joey runs and boxes. "I'm also big on boxing; it feels so amazing because I'm so focused," she told The New Potato. "This kind of boxing has many health benefits, because it constantly requires you to think, change your position, and change your posture," physical therapist Linda Arslanian, director of rehabilitation services at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's Hospital tells Harvard Health."You're swinging your arms, moving the muscles of your arms and shoulders, increasing your upper-body strength. And when you're in the boxer crouch with a wide stance, with your knees slightly bent, you're strengthening your core muscles, back, and legs." 


She Loves Herself

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According to Joey, "above all else" there is one thing that keeps her healthy and happy. "I practice self-love," she revealed. "Your inner beauty shines when you are emotionally and physically kind to yourself." 


Work Out to Destress

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Joey works out for mental health benefits. "This sounds odd, but I didn't know I was the type of person that needs exercise to not feel wound up," she explained. "If I'm feeling pent up and I don't know why, if I just move my body, then all of a sudden I'm so much more relaxed," she told Byrdie.


Take a Hike

Joey also enjoys hiking. "I wish I could beautifully describe how happy I feel in these photos. But I'm no poet, I'm just happy," she captioned a recent series of snaps. "Hiking is one of the best ways to get exercise. No matter what type of trail you find yourself on, hiking is a great whole-body workout—from head to toe and everything in between," says the National Parks Service. Some of the physical benefits include building stronger muscles and bones, improving your sense of balance, improving your heart health, and decreasing the risk of certain respiratory problems. It also offers many mental health benefits, according to a Stanford University study. 

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