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Watch John Legend Surprise Street Performer Singing His Song

The Grammy award winner watched Boston’s Radha Rao perform “All of Me” 

John Legend inspires musicians around the world. This week, while on tour, the Grammy award winner stumbled upon a street performer singing and playing his hit song All of Me, and instead of walking right by, he surprised her in a major way. 

Radha Rao was in the middle of performing the song outside Boston's Faneuil Hall when she looked up to see Legend watching her. "I saw a man with a trench coat and mask step forward," she told CNN. "I thought to myself, 'That looks quite like John Legend but couldn't be him.'"

Legend, who was wearing a mask at the time, removed it and revealed his identity. "And I was absolutely stunned," she said, adding that her mind went blank and she was extremely nervous. However, he nodded to her in encouragement and she kept on singing. 

Legend was joined by his wife, Chrissy Teigen, and kids at the time. After the song ended, Legend reached into his pocket to get a tip for Rao out of his wallet. He then walked over, gave her a hug, and handed her a tip. 

"Street performing @faneuilhall has given me some of the most spontaneous life experiences – grateful to have gotten the opportunity to sing for the incredible @johnlegend and his family today," Rao captioned an Instagram video of the moment. 

Later, she shared another update about how the experience has changed her as an artist. 

"To me, it feels like a mix of divine timing and luck. Several times a month, I perform my two-hour set – a mix of R&B, soul, pop, and my own originals. All of Me is part of my regular set, and this Sunday feels like a gratifying step in my creative journey as I continue to seek out growth and deepen my artistry in the Boston scene and beyond," she wrote. 

"Reading these headlines, and watching these videos, I'm coming to understand that timing and hard work are key – but that the real joy lies in making the music I love. That's what I am driven by – the desire to create and share art for my communities, and for myself 🙏🏽 Looking forward to sharing more music with you this upcoming weekend @faneuilhall."

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