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Jordan Nobbs in Bikini Has Some "Time Off"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Jordan Nobbs is a professional soccer player. She currently plays for the Aston Villa team. Nobbs recently enjoyed a pool day for her free time. She shared a new photo on Instagram of herself sitting on the edge of the pool. In it, she wore a white swimsuit and enjoyed a plate of watermelon, her figure on display. Nobbs captioned the post, "Time off." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Jordan Nobbs stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Was Determined To Recover

Nobbs notably suffered from an injury that forced her to miss out on the 2019 World Cup. She opened up about the mental state she needed to have to recover in an interview with Women's Health. "If I sit for quite a long time with my knee bent then it takes me a little while to move it again. Rehabilitation is a mental challenge – when you start running and putting more impact into it you are obviously a little bit sore the next day but then it gets better. It's just a process that you have to accept and try to power through it."


She Does TRX


Nobbs opened up about her favorite workouts in an interview with BESTFIT Magazine. In it, she shared some of the things she did to help her recover from an injury. "I'm back fit now and TRX has played a huge part," Nobbs says. "I use it every day for very specific movements and exercises that not only helped me back to recovery, but which continue to keep me sharp."


She Works Her Lower Body

Nobbs tells BESTFIT Magazine that she makes sure to work her lower body. "I do a lot of active movements that involved the whole body," she says. "So things like going from a back lunge into a side lunge, which sits well with my running technique." states that having a strong lower body is important. "Contrary to popular belief, having shapely glutes isn't all about appearance or vanity. Having a strong rear-end not only helps improve posture and athletic performance, and reduce knee and back pain, it can significantly enhance injury prevention as well. Here's what you need to know about strengthening this essential group, along with eight super-effective exercises that will both strengthen and tone the glutes."


She Does Planks


Nobbs has an amazing set of abs, and she makes sure to do core workouts. She shared her favorites to BESTFIT Magazine. "I also do a lot of plank work, which is great for the core." Planks are very beneficial. The Cleveland Clinic states, "Plank exercises work your core muscles, which are located between your pelvic floor and diaphragm. The area is also known as your trunk. These muscles support your movements and stabilize the spine."


She Has Balance

Nobbs opened up about how she changed her outlook after her injury to The Athletic. She says that she has more balance in her life now. "Maybe just to relax a little bit. I let football take over me. It can affect me after a game or after a training session because I am competitive. I do love winning. I put high standards on myself and sometimes need to remember that I have achieved a lot and not be so hard on myself. My standards and my drive make me a bit football-crazy and there are other things in life."

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