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Josie Canseco in Bathing Suit Says "Swear I Was Happy"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Josie Canseco is a successful model, influencer, and TV personality. She shares a lot of stunning photos on her Instagram. Canseco shared a new set of photos of herself walking by the beach this week. In it, she posed in a black bathing suit top and pants. She captioned the post, "Swear I was happy." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Josie Canseco stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Learned From Her Parents

Canseco opened up about her career to FashionWeekOnline. She says that having famous parents has taught her many things about the industry. "Being raised in the industry has definitely taught me a lot about my communications skills and work ethic," Canseco says. "Having parents like them to look up to has done nothing but inspire me to be the best I can be, and to also be kind and patient with my success. Whether it's learning from their accomplishments, or failures, I am grateful to have been raised with them as my family."


She Shakes It Off

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Canseco tells FashionWeekOnline that she makes sure to stay professional, even when she doesn't always feel great. "Sometimes you just are not in a good mood, and that's okay, but it is extremely important to keep it as professional as possible when you are in your work environment," Canseco explains. "I am no angel; I have definitely had my bad days, but I am so incredibly blessed to do what I do, and whenever I feel a bit frustrated or impatient, I remind myself of the opportunity I have in front of me, and it helps to refresh my perspective."


She Has Supportive Friends

Canseco tells FashionWeekOnline that she makes sure to have supportive people in her life. In particular, she values her friendships. "I have definitely seen a few friendships fizzle out because of lack of upkeep, but I do my best to keep my original core group of friends close at all times. I hang around the people I've been around since I was 14, and our friendship is so strong that no matter how long we are apart for, whenever we're reunited, it is like we never separated. Those are the kinds of friendships I appreciate most in my life."


She's Motivated


Canseco is an extremely motivated person. She tells FashionWeekOnline that her main motivation is wanting to be independent. "It is extremely important to me that I am able to support myself and have control over my own life. I never want to depend on anyone else for what I need, and that keeps me hungry for work. I also have dreams and goals that I am so passionate about, and if I want to reach them, I need to stay focused and motivated."


She Horseback Rides

Canseco is an avid equestrian. She shares a lot of posts on Instagram of herself riding. In the first photo in this series, she is seen riding. Canseco also posted this set of videos of herself riding, captioning it, "Therapy." The American Heart Association states that riding has a lot of benefits. "Sitting tall, pushing your legs into the body of your horse ignites the core muscles, which are imperative for balance and posture…In a Texas A&M University study, researchers focused on the amount of energy expended during high-intensity horseback riding. But you need not be roping cattle to burn calories. 'Riding a horse for 45 minutes at a walk, trot and canter can burn up to 200 calories," said Dr. Dennis Sigler, a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service horse specialist and professor in the department of animal science at Texas A&M University in College Station. "If you do something a bit more strenuous such as cutting or reining, that can come out to nearly seven calories per minute for the entire length of the riding period.' Plus, lifting a saddle onto and off the horse's back, carrying buckets of hay and water to its stall, grooming — all these burn plenty of calories."

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