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Karishma Tanna in Bathing Suit Says "Pool Baby"

Here’s how the Indian actress stays fit. 

Karisha Tanna is kicking off the weekend by staying cool in the pool. The Indian actress flaunts her famous figure via her latest Instagram posts – photos and videos included – rocking a green swimsuit as she takes a dip. "Pool baby," she captioned a post. How does the 38-year-old maintain her fabulous physique? Read on to see 7 ways Karishma Tanna stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



Don't Eat a Big Breakfast

Karishma isn't a fan of a hearty meal first thing in the morning. "I do not like to stuff myself at breakfast. Contrary to popular belief which says that one should have a heavy breakfast to pull through the day, I believe that it makes you lethargic," she told DNA India. "Hence, I prefer to have only a glass of milk and a banana or a mango for breakfast. At times, I have south-Indian fare like upma or idlis, but that's rare."


Eat Small Meals Every Few Hours

Snacking is a key part of Karishma's diet. "I am a foodie," she confessed to DNA India. "I feel like eating something every two hours – and usually I give in to my cravings. My mid-meal snack consists of something tangy or spicy – mostly it's sev puri, a snack I can survive on for years. I just love my sev puris."


Cook Your Own Food


Karishma tries to eat home whenever possible. "I have a wholesome, home-made vegetarian lunch which consists of raita, papad, pickle, subzi, dal and roti. I avoid having rice. For lunch, I make it a point to eat only home-made food," she told DNA India. "I prefer having my dinner at home for two reasons: one, its healthier and second, because my mother is a fantastic cook. She loves to experiment with various cuisines. We follow an interesting norm at home. While lunch consists of typical Gujju fare, our dinners have an amazing variety ranging from pizzas to pastas to chop suey."


Workout Hard

Karishma described herself as "a total fitness freak," to Times of India. "My workout regime is maintained by my trainer who meticulously plans my workouts. I follow a program, which includes three days of hardcore weight training and three days of cardio exercise. I make sure to chill out on Sundays — it helps me overcome my fatigued muscles," she said. 


Love Your Body

Karishma has a self-love approach to fitness. "Work out, bcz u love ur body. Not bcz u hate it," she captioned this Instagram post. "Enough of gyaan. Get up and start." As can be evidenced by all of her workout videos, she chooses to have fun with exercise and not view it as punishment. 


Take Time for Self-Care

Karishma is all about self-care. "MY Idea of relaxation I love stepping into a spa to unwind. A reflexology session followed by a complete de-stressing body massage and long steam with some soothing melodious music relaxes me greatly. If I can't go to a spa, just lazing in my bed watching television or reading a book is also great. Spending quality time with family or going out for long drives rejuvenates me completely," she told Times of India.


Find a Workout Buddy

Karishma suggests finding a workout buddy. Lucky for her, her husband, Varun Bangera is game. The two often share videos and photos working out together. 

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