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Karol G in Bathing Suit Shares Photos From Bahamas

Here is how the Columbian star stays in shape

Karol G is white hot on the beach! The Columbian singer flaunted her curves on social media on Tuesday, sharing a photo of herself in a white bathing suit during a getaway in the Bahamas. How does the 30-year-old keep herself mentally and physically fit? Read on to see 7 ways Karol G stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Prioritizes Self Care

In an interview with People Chica, Karol revealed that she prioritizes self-care. "On my free days I try to rest," she explained when asked about how she stays healthy despite her super busy lifestyle. 


She Does CrossFit

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Karol's trainer travels with her and they do hotel room workouts. "I do workout circuits. If there is a great gym at the hotel then I'll lift weights, but we usually bring our own elastic bands. My training is more focused on CrossFit," she explained. 


She Eats Healthy


While she shies away from restrictive eating plans, she makes sure to eat healthy. "I don't like diets that are extremely strict," she told People. She tries to eat a carbohydrate once a day, at lunch time, and loads up on lean protein, veggies, and salad. She also keeps dairy to a minimum, eating granola with Greek yogurt twice a week. 


She Doesn't Eat Desserts

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Karol stays away from unhealthy sweets. "I don't eat any desserts," she told People. 


She Has Cheat Days

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Karol does allow herself cheat days and one of her go-tos is French fry pizza. "I don't eat fast food like burgers, but I will eat a nice steak with mash potatoes and veggies," she told People. 


Balance Is Key

"You have to have a balance," she added to People. "I have an insulin problem and maintaining a good weight for me is super stressful."


She Is Spiritual

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Karol isn't into mediation, but she does pray. "I say, 'Thank you God for this,' because I do believe a lot in God," she explained. "I think that everything that happens in my life is a miracle. My spiritual side in life is having my family near me," she says. "That connection with my family is what gives me the spirituality to stay happy. My relationship with my boyfriend is also very special to me."


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