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Kate Bock in Bathing Suit Gets "Exactly What I Needed"

Here are her top 5 diet and fitness rules for staying in shape. 

Kate Bock is enjoying the dog days of summer in her swimsuit with her pooch close beside her. In her latest Instagram video, the Sports Illustrated model floats on a raft with the dog she shares with husband Kevin Love, Vestry, beside her. "Exactly what I needed out of my Sunday afternoon & the only way Vestry will get 'in the pool' – Does anyone else's dog HATE water, being wet & the rain?! Thank you for the most comfortable lounger that keeps us dry," she captioned the clip. How does the newly married model maintain her fit physique? Read on to see 5 of Kate Bock's top 5 rules for staying in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



Rule 1: Healthy Eating Should Be a Habit

For Kate, healthy eating is a habit. "I eat pretty consistently," she told Sports Illustrated. "Especially while we're mostly at home." She starts the day with a major dose of protein. "I have an oat milk cappuccino, two scrambled eggs with everything but the bagel seasoning, and truffle zest," she added. She also shared a video documenting her meal prep. "I love nothing more than my homemade breakfast," she wrote. "It's clean, healthy and starts my day off right." For lunch, she will munch on a protein-topped salad. "Typically greens, grilled chicken, avocado, toasted chickpeas, croutons, blueberries, pine nuts and olive oil." Kate also loves eating seafood. "I mostly have fish for dinner," she told the magazine. "Usually something easy! I pick up fresh fish and whatever side of veggies I'm excited about and bake them or put them in the air fryer for some crunch."


Rule 2: Avoid Drinking Your Calories

Kate refuses to drink her calories. Her favorite alcoholic drink is Pompette, a low-sugar, low calorie (40 per glass, 160 per bottle) hard seltzer. She likes it so much that she partnered up with the bubbly beverage brand. 


Rule 3: Find Fitness Apps That Work

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Kate is a big advocate of fitness apps, especially those that offer workouts that can be done anytime, any place. "I am someone who works out very regularly, but it all depends on what I have accessible to me that day," she told Fox News. "Sometimes I'll do an at-home workout using a fitness app. I love a good dance cardio because it's really fun, and you can honestly do it anywhere. When I'm at home, I work out with my trainer in the mornings at Gotham Gym. I love it and I can get my workout done for the day. Sometimes I'll even bike there, and it feels great to get your day started that way. If I've been traveling a lot or I feel run down, I love hot yoga to help stretch everything out. I do spin. I like SoulCycle and I do Pilates. And if I'm in a different city, I look up workouts near my hotel."


Rule 4: Walk a Dog

Bock pooch pictured in the video is her workout buddy. She maintains that Vestry "gets me outside every day," she says. "I've started to notice the mileage that I walk with my dog. So I walk everywhere to get things done, but I'm also in a walkable city. If I'm in a location that's not so walkable, I get on a treadmill and walk for an hour. And I find that makes a big difference. And on days when I feel like challenging myself, maybe I'll do a bit of an incline for an hour."


Rule 5: Find an Effective Workout

Another workout Kate loves? TRX. "I think the key is to get your body moving," she told Fox News. "You shouldn't get intimidated by doing certain workouts. Whatever works for you is great. I also like the TRX Suspension Trainers, and you can just hook them to your door. It's amazing to stretch on. You can do cardio or strength training with your body weight. It's also easy to travel with. It's hard to have an excuse at this point to not work out because there are so many things you can do."

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