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Kate Bosworth in Bathing Suit Celebrates 39th Birthday 

Here’s how the star looks half her age. 

Happy belated birthday, Kate Bosworth! The Blue Crush actress celebrated her 39th trip around the sun by sharing a few photos of herself rocking a tiny swimsuit while enjoying a vacation in the tropics. "This is 39 :)," she captioned the snaps, which include on of herself riding a horse—and she added a surfing, blue heart and star emojis. "I love this pic and Colour of bikini … glad you posted this is," one of her friends commented. "Blue crushed," the actress responded, referencing her 2002 film. How has Kate managed to keep her body looking exactly the same 20 years later? Read on to see 7 ways Kate Bosworth stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Trained 8 Hours Per Day for Blue Crush

Kate recently opened up about her wellness secrets to Women's Health, revealing that to get into shape for Blue Crush involved hardcore workouts. "I completely transformed my body for that movie," she said. "I just rewatched it again for the first time in like 15 years, and I put on like 25 pounds of muscles for that role. It was such an expansive journey and existence. It was like 7–8 hours of training per day to gain lung capacity or [I'd] just surf for five hours a day. It's not a sustainable way to live unless you are an elite athlete."


She Does Low Impact Workouts

Kate recently traded in her high intensity workouts, including running, weights and surfing for lower impact exercises. "The way my mindset has changed over the last couple of years is from high-intensity workouts being most important to a mindset that's more focused on a fitness from a longevity and vitality viewpoint," she explained. At first, she didn't think they were working. "Then, all of a sudden it kicks in," she continued. "It's the mind-body connection that really allows you to engage and connect with specific muscles and the different movements that you can do. I really lean on the micro movements now." She now does lifting, sculpting, and tightening workouts two to three times a week. 


She Does P.volve

Kate is all about the low-impact P.volve method, which focuses on smaller ranges of motion and functional movements. "I know that everyone thought the video I put up about P.volve was pretty funny. It's a provocative video, but it's actually such a wonderful piece of equipment. P.volve is really focused on those kind of low-impact, micro movements in order to target hard-to-reach areas." Think: inner thighs, outer hips.


She Gives Her Glutes Lots of Attention

Tristar Media/Getty Images

"I believe that the glutes are some of the hardest muscles to target. You have to be super consistent with it," she told WH about the micro, butt-lifting moves she does with her trainer. 


She Walks

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

Kate also gets a lot of steps in. Obviously we've all been walking quite a bit to get outdoors. I've enjoyed it so much," she explained during the interview, which took place early in the pandemic.

"When I walk, I don't bring my phone, I pay attention to my surroundings. I have a connection to breathing and what's happening in nature. I think now more than ever people need that."


She Feels Healthy

"What I love most about where I'm at today in terms of my fitness is that I not only feel the healthiest I've been in my body, but I also feel the healthiest I've been in my mind and my heart," she revealed. "The truth is, it really does all connect." 


She Meditates


Kate also prioritizes her mental health. "I've always been a very physical person. But my brain is very active," she revealed, explaining that meditation has made her feel more present. "It really takes dedication every day. It's about consistency." She also explained that a 100 days of meditation challenge helped get her into the routine, doing just five minutes a day. "Any muscle that you use, whether it be your physical muscle or your mind muscle, if you start flexing it daily for 100 days in a row, you're going to start to strengthen it. Meditation helps you organize the chaos, so I'm a devout meditator now."

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