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Katherine Webb in Bathing Suit is "33 and Thriving"

Here is how the model and mother-of-three maintains her fit physique.

Katherine Webb is celebrating in her bathing suit! The model and mother-of-three shared a photo of her amazing figure in a swimsuit in her latest Instagram post. "33 and thriving ✨ (not my bday but I'm 33 and needed a good caption)," she wrote about the gorgeous Instagram photo. How does the model maintain her fit physique and how has her approach to health and fitness evolved since her twenties? Read on to see 5 ways Katherine Webb stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Was Once Very Restrictive About Her Diet

In 2013 Katherine detailed her diet to People. Her average menu? A homemade smoothie for breakfast, green apple for snack, spinach salad with almonds and strawberries for lunch, frozen yogurt bar for snack, and grilled chicken fingers with sweet potato fries for dinner. The publication consulted a nutritionist who calculated that the model only consumed 1,120 calories a day. After lots of public concern, Katherine responded. "No way I only eat 1100 cals a day! I love chocolate too much!" she said on social media. 


She Doesn't Eat Sweets or Bread

Katherine's approach? She said "it's all about self-control," to People. "I cut out any type of bread product, and cake, cookies, bagels. When I eat a lot of sugar, I tend to bloat more," she explained. "I try my hardest not to stress myself out. If I find myself thinking too much about what I eat, then I go crazy."


She Cheats

Katherine is all about a cheat meal, especially after a big modeling shoot. "I treat myself to an unhealthy meal sometimes," she told People. "I usually go for all-American buffalo wings and French fries."


She Exercises


Katherine hits the gym to stay in shape. "I'm a believer in cardio," she told People. "That tends to trim fat faster than anything for me. And maybe I'll do free weights one day."


She Wasn't in a Rush to Get Back Into Shape After Having Kids

Since having children, the mother-of-three has shifted her priorities. "Still not back to pre-baby weight but there's no rush. #4monthspostpartum," she captioned this snap. "Listen, haters," she wrote in another. "I've given birth to three whole kids in the last five years. Stop sending me nasty DMs about my weight and my stomach. My weight is fine. Do I wanna lose some? Yes. But it doesn't have to be ASAP."

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