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Kavita Channe in Bathing Suit Reveals All Her Stay-Fit Secrets

The television host, influencer, and entrepreneur dishes on all her wellness tips and tricks 

Kavita Channe clearly knows a thing or two about health and wellness! The television host, influencer, and entrepreneur recently shared a photo of herself in a swimsuit, looking incredibly fit and healthy. CelebWell recently spoke to the South Florida based mother-of-two and got the lowdown on everything she does to stay in shape, including her diet, workout, and self-care routine. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 9 ways Kavita Channe stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Drinks Lemon Water

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Kavita is one of the many celebrities who swears by water with lemon. "I'm obsessed with lemon water and make sure to have a large bottle filled with water + one whole lemon + Cellfood drops to sip on throughout the day," she tells Celebwell. "My go-to bottle this year is Mobot in the Big Bertha 40oz size and it also doubles as a body roller. I love it so much I got the smaller ones for my kids! I try to drink at least 60oz before the evening to stay hydrated. On the days I don't do this I really feel the difference in my body and on my skin… it's wild!"


She Maintains a Protein-Packed, Low Carb Diet

Kavita maintains a low carbohydrate and protein rich diet. "Food-wise I tend to stay away from carbs," she reveals. I have a low-sodium grass-fed whey protein shake with my vitamins before I go to the gym. Many prefer their protein after however I'm not a breakfast person and prefer mine before (otherwise I get hungry during my workout)." After her workout she makes a light lunch. "My go-to lately has been Safe Catch tuna salad (low in mercury) or turkey & veggies on an East Hampton Crispbread. It's low in carbs + gluten free and makes me feel like I'm eating a sandwich minus the bread!" She also snacks throughout the day on carrots, cucumbers, or endives with hummus or her children's cheese snacks, "Ssshh don't tell them," she jokes. "By the way, I am literally obsessed with endives at the moment. You can make guacamole or any type of dip and scoop them with endives. They are crunchy… and everything to me right now!"  For dinner, she eats out a lot so she tries to stick to proteins and vegetables. "I love cheese, too, which I eat… just not a lot," she adds. "If I go to a sushi restaurant, I get rice-less rolls + crudo. If I go to Italian, I indulge in the burrata salad + fish and skip the pasta. If I get a burger, it's no bun. I love going to seafood restaurants because I love oysters, crab, fish… so many guilt-free options. If I crave carbs, I'll eat sweet potato or a healthy carb. And since pizza is my ultimate favorite food I definitely indulge in this 'cheat meal' every two or three weeks… and savor every bite! For dessert, I snack on a few dark chocolate almonds (literally every night)."


She Drinks Wine

It is no surprise that Kavita enjoys wine, since she owns a wine company Sip Channé. All her meals "pair divine with a glass of Channé Rosé," a no sugar, low sulfites rosé. 


She Switches Up Her Workouts

As far as working out, Kavita tends "to get really bored" if she does the same thing all the time. "With that being said, I do have a weekly routine. I work out with my trainer at a private gym two times a week with weights. Think lots of legs and glute action," she say.s "I also like to get in a hot yoga class once a week, which I think is the most important workout anyone can ever do." She also relies on smart technology to get a workout in. "I include virtual group fitness with Isaac Boots (Instagram @isaacboots) and Mivana Move (Obé Fitness). If I am pinched for time I do Melissa Wood Health (MWH app)," she continues. "I also try to add in another group class such as Pilates, preferably on the megaformer. I don't like to run because it's bad on the joints and knees so on the weekends I use my home treadmill/elliptical or walk outside just to get some extra cardio in the mix. As they say, variety is the spice of life!"


She Invests in Self-Care

Kavita makes self-care a priority. "Some people like to buy Fendi—I like to spend on self-care which is truly important to me! I used to feel guilty when I would do anything for myself however as I've gotten older, I realize that my body is my temple and you can never pour from an empty cup. Especially being a mom, I feel it is even more important than ever to take time out for yourself and de-stress," she explains. "Growing up, I often hated Mondays. After having my babies, I made a ritual to get massages every Monday to kick off the week. Sometimes they are deep tissue and sometimes they are lymphatic (my favorite)! I also like to get monthly facials that involve face massage techniques + treatments from places like JECT."


She Goes to the Chiropractor

Kavita is a fan of getting regularly adjusted. "Because I do work out a lot I like to go to the chiropractor weekly. Feels so great to get aligned and also fabulous for pregnant women FYI. For this, I have a membership to The Joint, which is pretty affordable," she explains. 


She Also Dabbles in Cupping, Salt Therapy, and IV Drips

Kavita is also a fan of some other self-care rituals. "If I'm feeling any injuries or muscle stress I will dabble in cupping—which really helped my shoulder injury last year! Another fun treatment that I get is salt therapy. It's not something I do all the time but rather something that I like to do when I have time. It Feels so good to just inhale salt in a cave for like 20 minutes. And if I am traveling or feel dehydrated, I do IV Drips. Those are game changers pre/post traveling, especially flying!" she maintains. 


She Does Hertz Music Therapy

Kavita encourages a certain type of music therapy. "I also wanted to share that last year I discovered hertz music therapy. I play it all night on low sound while I sleep (you can easily find it on YouTube). Whether it's for healing emotional stress, an immune boost or full body cellular repair… there is a Hertz for it," she says. 


She Maintains a Positive Attitude

As for her ultimate top health tip? "Surround yourself with positive people, positive music, positive ambience, and pair it with a positive attitude," she says. "And drink a ton of water." 

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