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Kelly Gale in Bathing Suit is "Supercool" Underwater

Here’s how she stays fit.

Kelly Gale is relaxing but she's not taking it easy. She posted photos of herself and partner, actor Joel Kinnaman (The Suicide Squad), snorkeling underwater. "My supercool equalizing-pose," she captioned it. "Awesome to spend the day with you two," responded Jim Ward, owner of See Through Sea, the company that likely put the trip together. (Gale also shared a photo of herself and Kinnaman skydiving, captioning that one: "Valentines day and our 3yr anniversary❤️🥰 nice casual surprise having me thrown out of an airplane this morning😅👌🏽 I love doing life with you baby, best 3 yrs of my life.") How does she stay so fit while keeping so busy? Read on to see 5 ways Kelly Gale stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Starts Her Morning With This Drink

"I start my morning with, and this has been a life saver for me, hot water with lemon and ginger every morning. And sometimes I put turmeric in it as well," she said on her web series Diet Talk with fellow model and nutrition expert Keke Lindgard. "I used to have such a problem with drinking water. I just need to trick myself into getting the water. If I'm working out or in the sauna, when I'm sweating, then I'll have some, a lot. Other than that, I have to trick myself during the day. So I'll have tea or my juice"—say, a celery juice blend, with no sugar.


She Avoids Hidden Sugars

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

"There's a lot of things where people think that they're eating good stuff. You know, when you're buying stuff in the supermarkets.  Look at the ingredients, because some people are like, oh wow, I didn't know you eat brownies! And I'll be eating a brownie, but it's made out of dates, caoco and raw nuts. And then some people are eating a salad. And then it's got dressing that has got all the sugar." She's so right. The American Heart Association wants women to take in no more than 100 calories a day of added sugar (150 calories a day for men). But what exactly does that look like? Each gram of sugar contains 4 calories, so any packaged food with 25 grams of sugar means you've hit your daily limit. Check your nutrition label.


She Eats Whole Grains

Rachel Luna/FilmMagic

"When you're active and you're working out, you do have to eat a little bit of carbs," said Lindgard. "That's what your body goes to burn instantly. So if you overeat them, then yes, it'll turn into of fat and sugar. But if you're eating the right amount and you're eating whole foods—like Kelly eats like whole grains—it's like the fastest thing that your body will burn before it starts burning other things. So I would say add a little bit of carbs in, even if it's like one fourth to half a cup of like some potatoes on a salad or some whole grains."


She Balances Her Fats

"If you want to eat and achieve your fitness goals, this is what works for me," says Gale. "I see a lot of people who ask me, like, why am I not reaching my fitness goals? I'm not eating any carbs. And I'm on this diet where I'm eating all the fats. And then I realize that they're eating too much fat. So I try to stick to one or two fat— like, if I'm using olive oil on a dressing, on a salad I'll have avocado, yes. Or I'll have nuts or I'll have salmon. But I don't make a salad that's got salmon, avocado, macadamia nuts, olive oil…"


This is Her Favorite Healthy Treat

Taylor Hill/WireImage

"This is a really good treat: Freeze your bananas, like cut up bananas, freeze them, buy frozen raspberries or frozen blueberries or any other fruit. And then you blend it in a blender while it's still frozen with as little liquid as possible. You can add water, whatever. And then it turns into sorbet. My favorite one is the one where I make like a chocolate one. It's chocolate ice cream." (See the full episode here.) 

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