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Kerry Washington in Bathing Suit Reveals "Black Girl Magic"

Here’s how the actress stays fit.

Kerry Washington is showing off her fabulous figure—and her superhuman powers. In her latest Instagram Reel the 45-year-old star, clad in a strapless swimsuit, uses her powers to make the sun set. "Call it," she captioned the video with the hashtag #BlackGirlMagic. How does the mother-of-one keep herself fit? Read on to see 8 ways Kerry Washington stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Does Pilates

Kerry is a fan of this elongating workout. "I'm a big Pilates girl and I love to hike," Kerry told ELLE. "You don't even want to be in your own body when [you] show up at the gym—I didn't for years," Kerry told Women's Health. "As women, we live in this culture where it's like, 'You have to fix this.' Pilates has allowed me to be focused on my appearance and my health in ways that are not abusive or critical."


She Dabbles in Other Workouts

"I love to work out. It's really important to me; it's part of the culture of my family," she told Allure. SoulCycle, yoga, Peloton classes, dance classes, Gyrotonic training, and the elliptical machine are some of her other favorites. "I do different things, but I'm most obsessed with water aerobics. Now I do it with my friends on the weekends."


She Does Yoga

Kerry is a big fan of yoga, explaining that it helps her "reset, regroup and relax," she revealed in a recent Instagram post. "I love to do simple stretches and breathing that keep me centered, embodied and at peace."


She Refuses to Diet

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Baby2Baby

"In general in life I try to live it, not diet," she revealed to People. "I think that's hard when you're restricting a lot. So I try to take it easy on a daily basis and do what's going to make me feel good." Nonna Gleyzer, who has trained Kerry in Pilates, revealed to Shape that the actress "has always been an extremely healthy eater." "She eats a lot of vegan products, with little clean meals throughout the day," she said. 


She Drinks Her Nutrients


Kerry is all about healthy drinks. She told ELLE that nutritionist Kim Snyder's Glowing Green Smoothie, packed with spinach, celery, lemon juice, cilantro, and more, is one of her favorite drinks. "I try to keep it consistent year-round," she said. Gleyzer told Shape that coconut water is another of her favorite drinks. "She loves coconut water, which gives her potassium and important electrolytes. With the long hours she works, there's really no room for her to play around. She needs to be in the best shape every single day, and she definitely is."


She Prioritizes Hydration

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for ELLE

"The things my mother always stressed were to drink a lot of water and get a lot of rest, which I used to roll my eyes at," Kerry told Oprah Magazine. "Now I think she's a genius. Health and wellness really are the sources of beauty."


She Doesn't Drink Much Alcohol

Rich Fury/Getty Images

"I'm also not a drinker," she told Elle. "I love a drink occasionally, but I wouldn't be able to handle it. You see one sip, but I have to drink three cups to get the scene done," she said. "I tend to be a 'when in Rome drinker.' When I'm traveling, I drink what they have there or I'll get a special cocktail."


Eva Longoria Recently Introduced Her to Trampoline Cardio

Kerry is one of the many stars who have been seen hopping on a JumpSport trampoline, which was gifted to her by pal Eva Longoria. "Thank you @evalongoria for the #SisterhoodOfTheTravelingTrampoline. I promise I will keep jumpin' so I can get on your level. You make it look easy!!!!!" she captioned a hilarious video of herself on the piece of workout equipment. 


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