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Krishna Mukherjee in Bathing Suit is in "La La Land"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Krishna Mukherjee, star of Kuch Toh Hai: Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein, is enjoying her bachelorette party. She's been sharing highlights on Instagram. In a recent video, Mukherjee posed by the beach. She wore a swimsuit with flowers on the top and plain black on the bottom. She captioned it, "La la land." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Krishna Mukherjee stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



She's Taking Off Work


Mukherjee is about to get married. And she wants to savor the time with her husband when it happens. She tells ETimes TV that she plans to take off work when she gets married. "I have taken five days off from shooting for my engagement. But next year, when I get married, I don't want to be working. I want to spend time with him because those days are precious and they won't come back."


She Cooks

Mukherjee opened up about what she did during the pandemic to ETimes. Like many people, she started cooking a lot more during this time. Mukherjee encouraged others to do the same.  "I know many people don't know how to cook," she says. "But you can always learn simple recipes online and try them out."


She Swims

Mukherjee loves to swim to stay in shape. She shares a lot of posts on Instagram of herself in the water. Mukerjee posted this video of herself in a pool. She captioned it, "December heat." She also posted this pool photo, captioning it, "Holidaying." Lastly, she posted this video of herself running into the ocean. She captioned it, "Let's run away."


She Kayaks

Swimming isn't the only thing Mukherjee likes to do when she goes to the beach. She also likes to kayak. While on a trip to Phuket, she did some kayaking. Mukherjee posted this video of herself kayaking at the ocean on Instagram. She captioned it, "Sea you later."


She Dances

Mukherjee likes to dance. She shares a lot of dance videos on her Instagram. For Christmas, she posted this video of herself and her friends dancing by the beach. She captioned it, "Have yourself a merry little Christmas." She also shared this video of herself dancing through a building. She captioned it, "Dancing on the beats of RRR with my mad … crazy friends."

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