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Kylie Jenner is Bikini-Ready With Photos to Prove It

Kylie Jenner just announced her newest project: Kylie Swim, a swimwear collection.

Reality star and beauty entrepreneur Kylie Jenner just announced her newest project: Kylie Swim, a swimwear collection that "will include six styles," according to WWD, "the Caico one-piece bathing suit, the Cut It Out one-piece bathing suit, the one-piece Kylie bathing suit, the August one-piece bathing suit, the Triangle bikini and the Sarong." Makes sense: Jenner is also known for her incredible swimsuit body and photos. Read on to see six ways Kylie Jenner stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Looks Up Workouts To Do

Jenner admits that she was never all that passionate about wellness, until she became a mother. Jenner told Harper's Bazaar, that she tends to work out at home, instead of the gym, and searches the Internet for workouts. She says, "I never find myself in a gym. I find myself on the floor of my bedroom, looking up on, like, Google or Pinterest, workouts — and doing abs, lunges, squats. All that good stuff."


She Drinks Healthy Beverages In The Morning


Jenner told Harper's Bazaar that she has a few staples that she goes to, in order to stay healthy. Jenner says that in the mornings, she drinks "peach tea, bone broth, raw celery juice, and an iced latte with oat milk."


She Varies Her Meals

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"I can't eat the same thing each day," Jenner admits to Harper's Bazaar. Jenner says that she tries to vary her diet, especially her lunches. "Sometimes, I'll make myself some tacos," she says. "Today, at the shoot, I ordered a steak burrito and some rice, some enchiladas. I was feeling Mexican food vibes today. It really just depends."


She Makes Sure to Eat Healthy While Traveling

It can be difficult to eat healthy while traveling, so Jenner makes sure to have a plan. "When I'm traveling, I usually always order lemon chicken and white rice and vegetables," she said to Harper's Bazaar. Jenner also says that she likes ordering kale salads on the road. Dietician and owner of Amy Gorin's Nutrition, Amy Gorin, says it can be easy to eat healthy on the road. "One of the first things I do when reaching a destination is hit the local grocery store," Gorin told Self.


She Limited Dairy

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In 2015, Jenner revealed that she was having issues with dairy, and decided to cut it out. Jenner told The New York Times, "I started going to this nutritionist because I was having a bad reaction to dairy. I feel like it made me gain a lot of weight. I've now cut out dairy, and it's helping me get back in shape." Jenner does still eat dairy today, but limits it, according to The List.


She Avoids Snacking At Night


Jenner has a method of her own that helps her avoid late night snacking. "I avoid late-night cravings because I lock myself in my bedroom and I turn on my TV," she told Harper's Bazaar. "I get really comfortable, and I pre-slice an apple by my bed and, since I'm really comfortable, I'll be too lazy probably to go down to the kitchen so my only choice is this apple." 


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