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Kylie Versoza in Bathing Suit Says "Hey" From Siarago Island

The actress and beauty queen posted a new bikini photo.

Filipino actress and beauty queen Kylie Versoza recently enjoyed a trip to Siarago Island in the Philippines, and she made time to hit the beach. Versoza posted a new photo on Instagram of herself wearing a colorful, patterned, two-piece, while she walked through the island's tree. Read on to see 5 ways Kylie Versoza stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Has A Good Support System

Versoza revealed to PEP.PH that she suffers from depression. She first noticed this prior to competing in a beauty pageant. "I was going through a lot of things, ayun, it just hit me, and I didn't understand what I was going through," she says. Versoza says that she has a great support system around her, and that her family helped her get through her struggles. "Luckily enough, my mom and my father sensed it. And they knew about it because one of them went through it. I was very lucky na I had a good support system. And going through it, it took six to seven months."


She Takes Care of Her Mental Health

Versoza says that she makes sure to take care of her mental health and her depression. She tells PEP.PH, "I had to have positive social connections, read more, educate myself about it, changed my diet. I slept more, took care of myself more."


She Goes To Therapy

One of the ways Versoza helps with her mental health is by going to therapy and seeing a mental health professional. "Minsan kasi we just really need someone to talk to, to give us professional advice," she says to PEP.PH. "So that's where the psychiatrist or therapist comes in."


She Runs On A Treadmill

Versoza shared her typical workout routine on her YouTube channel. She starts out her workout with stretching, and then goes to the treadmill to warmup. "I'm gonna try to do a 3K," she says.


She Works With A Trainer

In her workout routine video, Versoza works out with a trainer, named Phillip, at her gym. She said that she recently got back into working with a trainer, and that the COVID-19 lockdown made her get back into it. "I felt like slacking a little bit with my fitness," she says. "I'm not as fit or firm as I used to be."

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