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La Donetella in Bathing Suit "Found the Right Poses" 

Here’s how she stays in shape.

La Donatella is one of the hottest music acts. It is comprised of twin sisters Guilia and Silvia Provvedi. Giulia shared a new set of photos on the duo's Instagram account this week. In them, she posed by the pool wearing a leopard print swimsuit. Provvedi captioned the post, "I found the right poses to boost my METRO and 60, friends." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Giulia and Silvia Provvedi stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Boxes

One thing Provvedi likes to do to stay in shape is box. She shares a lot of posts on Instagram of herself boxing. Provvedi shared this video of herself sparring with a trainer. She captioned the post, "Sweat." She also shared this boxing video, captioning it, "Passione." Boxing has a lot of benefits. A study published in the Muscle, Ligaments, and Tendons Journal observed the difference between a group who boxed and a group who didn't. The study states, "The kickboxing group showed significant improvement (p < 0.05) in upper-body muscle power, aerobic power, anaerobic fitness, flexibility, speed and agility after training whereas body composition, squat jump and counter movement jump (height, power and velocity components) did not change for both groups."


She Swims

Provvedi loves to swim to stay in shape. She shares a bunch of photos on Instagram of herself in the water. Provvedi posted this set of photos of herself having a pool day. She captioned the post, "They were hot, I freed them and they won't stop thanking me." states that this has a lot of benefits. "Swimming uses all the muscles in the body, so whether you swim a gentle breaststroke or hammer butterfly, you will get a full body workout. Plus, exercising in water makes your body work harder so 30 minutes in a pool is worth 45 minutes of the same activity on land."


She Dances

Provvedi loves to dance to stay in shape. Since she's a performer, she has to learn dance steps to stay in shape. She also likes to post dance videos on social media. Provvedi shared this video of herself and her sister doing the famous "Wednesday Dance Challenge," where people copied the dance Wednesday Addams does in the hit Netflix series. 


She Does Yoga

Provvedi likes to practice yoga to stay in shape. Even when she is on vacation, she likes to do poses. Provvedi shared this set of photos and videos on Instagram of a trip she took to Oman. In them, she is seen doing handstand poses on the beach. Provvedi captioned the post, "Gymnasts parallel lives in Oman."


She Gives Back

Provvedi wants to use her platform for good. She shared this photo on Instagram highlighting a cause and encouraged others to donate to it. She captioned the post, "HELP EMILIA ROMAGNA 💔 Our friend @alessandromalossi together with @crocerossaitaliana started a fundraiser following the flood that hit Emilia. ❤️ Let's come together to support and help those who are experiencing all of this. We count on your help. We love you."

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