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Lana Condor Shares Bikini Photos With Her Fans

Here’s how the actress stays in shape.

Lana Condor is looking red hot in her latest vacation snaps. After a weekend in Ojai, California, the star of the To All the Boys I've Ever Loved Before franchise, shared a "photo dump" with fans. In a few of them, she showed off her super fit figure, rocking a red string bikini. How does the 24-year-old maintain her fit figure? Read on to see 7 ways Lana Condor stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Drinks a Lot of Water

Lana revealed to E! that she makes sure to stay hydrated. "I also drink at least half my body weight, in ounces, of water every day. Staying hydrated is such a must- and I genuinely feel better when my body is fully hydrated."


She Lives with Body Dysmorphia, She Has Said

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Lana explained to Self  that she struggles with body dysmorphia. "I have to really, really, really tell myself that I am beautiful and my talent is valid. And I might look a little bit different than I did, whatever, a year ago," she revealed. 


She Does HIIT Workouts

Lana trains with Los Angeles personal trainer Paolo Mascittii five days a week virtually, doing cardio and high intensity interval training. Squats and lunges are a big part of their workout, and while tough, "it's worth it, because now I have a booty," she told Self. They also use the slam ball. "I hate it, but it's very effective," she said. "If I'm having a bad day or I have a little aggression, slamming that ball down on the ground really helps me. It always makes me feel a lot better when it's finished." 


She Takes Days Off When She Needs To

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Lana gives herself the chance to recover when needed. "If my body is so sore and I need a day off, he's so understanding about that," she said. "My mental health is the priority, and my mental health is always better when I am active. But sometimes when your body hurts, you're like, I can't do anything, I don't want to get up. And so he's very patient. If there's a day that I feel the need to be a little bit more gentle with myself, he's great."


She Jumps Rope

Lana doesn't have room to keep a treadmill, so she relies on a jump rope to keep her heart rate up. 


She Exercises with Her Boyfriend

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The couple that trains together, stays together. Lana revealed to Self that her boyfriend, Anthony De La Torre, is her workout buddy. "Anthony doesn't particularly love when I cheer him on when he's lifting, because it makes him laugh, and then he drops it," she revealed "So I'm not allowed to cheer him on, but he could cheer me on."


She Loves Group Fitness

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"I always do a little bit better in a class setting or in-person, just because I think that I have a competitive nature in workout classes," she told Self about why she likes group fitness. "So I feel like I can really hit it hard." She enjoys Pilates, boxing, and hot yoga sculpt classes. 


She Eats What Makes Her Happy

Lana's food mantra is, "to eat what makes you happy," she told Bon Appetit, adding that she doesn't diet but tries to eat in moderation. "I've tried to take away noodles in my life, and it just doesn't work—I'm miserable! I always think to myself, 'Well, I could starve myself and go on a diet and be fucking miserable. But what if I die in a plane crash? Or, what if I have the most amazing meal of my life, and then I could still die in a plane crash, but at least I'd have a happy belly!"

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