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Larsa Pippen Stuns Poolside as "Sun Seeker"

The reality star showed off her body on Instagram.

Larsa Pippen is missing the summer days. The reality star and mom of four recently shared a photo on Instagram of her lounging by the pool. Pippen wore a yellow snake print bikini, showing off her incredible body. Pippen captioned the photo "Sun seeker." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see five ways Larsa Pippen stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Doesn't Stress About Her Weight

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people were required to stay at home. Pippen admitted to Us Weekly that this led to her gaining weight. However, Pippen says that she didn't stress about it anymore. "Lately I'm like, 'Oh my God, who cares?' I just have to live my best life," she explained. "We're baking, we're working out together, we watch movies together. I feel like we've watched everything on TV. We're gonna start making our own movies sooner or later."


She Shows Off Her Body

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One look at Pippen's social media, and you'll know that she loves to show off her body. However, Pippen doesn't just do this for engagement. She told HollywoodLife that she likes to show off her body because it helps motivate her. "When you work hard, you want to see results and you want people to see what you're doing and to motivate people to work out and feel good," the mom of four says. "Just because you had a baby doesn't mean you let yourself go."


She Works Out Five Days A Week

Pippen makes sure that she exercises regularly, and tells HollywoodLife that she works out five days a week. "My workouts vary between 20 to 40 minutes [long]," she says. Pippen says that she works hard to commit to her fitness and her health. "For me fitness is a lifestyle," she says. "I really love doing it. It helps your mind, your body, and the balance it gives you is really important in life… A lot of times we get lost and we start focusing on other people or other things that are not necessarily good for you and this is the one thing that you can do for yourself and make time for yourself."


She Loves Doing Squats

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Pippen tells HollywoodLife that her favorite workouts are leg workouts, and she loves having "super toned legs." Pippen does have a favorite type of leg exercise. "I do squats everyday," she says. "I do 40 squats a set." Pippen says she loves squats because they are simple and don't require equipment. "You don't need weights for that. You're just [using] your own body weight," she says. "I've learned that you don't need machines to get in shape."


She And Her Family All Eat Healthy


Pippen says that she makes sure her kids and herself eat healthy each day. She went through some of her favorite healthy meals in a post on her blog. "I start my mornings with a green juice or protein shake to kick-start my metabolism. Between meals, I'll munch on my kids' snacks: fruit mixes, pretzels or gluten-free granola," she wrote. "Lunch is grilled ginger mahimahi over brown rice and a side of a mixed veggies. I let the kids decide on dinner by giving them healthy options," she added, concluding that: "Chocolate is one of my main — and many — weaknesses.​"

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