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Latto in Bathing Suit is "It Girl"

Here is how the rapper stays fit and healthy. 

Latto is showing off her curves in Dior! The "Big Energy" rapper rocks a swimsuit top from the designer collection in her latest Instagram post, flaunting her fabulous figure. "It girl," she captioned the series of images. How does the 23-year-old rapper maintain her fit physique and confident nature? Read on to see 6 ways Latto stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



She Works Out

Latto doesn't share many details about her exact diet or workout routine. However she regularly shares photos of herself modeling gym outfits, and looking quite sweaty in them, so obviously she knows a thing or two about exercise. "If you're at your ideal weight, exercising can help in a variety of ways. In addition to using excess calories that would be stored as fat, working out helps maintain muscle mass and repair muscles," says the Cleveland Clinic. "It also reduces stress and can help you sleep — all of which lead to good choices when it comes to eating."


She Defends Herself Against Body Shamers

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Latto has experienced the wrath of body shamers. In April she was attacked on social media for gaining weight. "I'm getting off birth control lol I'm sick of y'all telling me I'm gaining weight that sh*t hurt my feelings so don't say nun when I.. nvm," she said in a tweet


She Does Juice Cleanses

Latto has revealed that she is a fan of juice cleanses. "Doing a juice cleanse today and tomorrow pray for me.. no solid foods," she revealed in a tweet.  "As people search for ways to eat healthier and lose weight, juicing, sometimes called a 'juice cleanse' or 'juice detox,' has gained popularity. Juicing is a term that refers to combining fruits and/or vegetables in a juicer or juicing machine to turn them into juice. While juicing may help you get the five to nine recommended servings of fruits and vegetables each day, that alone is not a balanced diet. Plus, there are drawbacks to juicing, such as losing the healthy fiber most fruits and vegetables have when eaten," says the Mayo Clinic.


She Pushes Herself


If you want to be successful and achieve your goals like Latto, you are going to have to learn the importance of self-motivation. "I wanted to push myself. I wanted to challenge myself," she told Uproxx about her success. :Honestly, when you've been rapping since eight years old, you got to find new inspiration and new sparks. I just wanted to try something different and I didn't really give a fuck whether people liked it or they didn't because this was for me. I know what I'm doing. So I was like, the go-hard, Latto, heavy punchlines on a heavy 808 trapped out beat, that's my pocket. I got that down pat. I can do that forever. I do that in my sleep. But, I don't want to do that forever. I want to push myself and I want to be the biggest me I can be."


Her Therapy? Doing Her Own Makeup

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Latto revealed to Who What Wear doing her own makeup, even while on tour, is a relaxing ritual. "It was very therapeutic before the shows," she said. "Just doing the whole look in my head, matching the outfit with the makeup, and then coordinating that with the hair, it was super fun. I started getting real fancy and started playing with colors and rhinestones." 


Looking Good Builds Her Confidence

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Latto revealed to Who What Wear that looking good helps her feel better. "I feel the most confident when the look is just a 10," she said. "When I look good, I feel good, and that's why I'm so particular about my glam."

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