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Laverne Cox Rocks Bikini in "Trans Is Beautiful" Post

From swimming to dance parties, here’s how the actress stays in shape.

Actress and activist Laverne Cox just posted a video on her Instagram of her in a black bikini, that shows off her incredible figure. Cox captioned the video: "On second thought, forward motion only. #TransIsBeautiful. This was just going to be for my man but sharing is caring." Read on to see five ways Laverne Cox stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Isn't Too Hard on Herself

Cox told InStyle that she grew up as a ballet dancer, and that this experience had her facing a lot of the prejudices of the ballet and fitness worlds. However, Cox now focuses on enjoying her fitness, and doesn't put too much pressure on herself. "I'm not overachieving in fitness at the moment," Cox said at the time. "I'm doing it, it's not as high-level, but I like where I'm at with it now. It's fun, it's medicinal, and I'm not being hard on myself. I think studying classical ballet creates this thing where you just beat yourself up, and I'm not doing that right now."


She Gets Plenty of Rest

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Cox tells that the most important part of her wellness routine is getting a good night's sleep. "Sleep is really crucial for me," she says. "I know with a lot of busy people, sleep is the first thing to go. I'm here in New York this week and everyone's like 'You're in New York, let's get coffee,' and I'm like, 'I'm working, I'm going to need to sleep after that. That's probably all I'll have time for.'"


She Loves to Dance

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Cox grew up dancing, and is still dancing today. In an interview with, Cox says that one of her favorite ways to exercise is dancing in her home. "Throughout the day it's about putting on some music and dancing," she says. "I love karaoke when I can fit it in, and it is crucial. It's so cathartic to me, just like getting in a room with a friend and screaming into a microphone and dancing. It's a release. You have to get the energy out."


She Avoids Certain Foods

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In a piece for The New York Times, Cox revealed some of her wellness secrets, including her diet. Cox says she tries to eat healthy, and has a unique diet. Cox writes, "Meat, sugar and dairy are all really bad for my skin. I avoid gluten. I was vegan for four months last year, but then I did a food sensitivity blood work panel and found out I'm sensitive to soy. If you're vegan and can't eat soy, it gets real tricky. So I started eating fish again. I'm basically a gluten-free pescatarian, and then I go in and out of sugar and carbs."


She Loves to Swim

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In a piece for The New York Times, Cox reveals that her condo has a pool, and she is taking advantage of it. Cox says, "I just moved into a condo, and we have a pool. It's one of my main reasons for moving here, so I can swim." Swimming has a lot of benefits, according to Connecticut-based trainer Lindsay Hiebert. "Swimming is great for the cardiovascular system, is low impact, and good for joints," she says. "It involves the whole body."

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