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Leah Williamson in Bathing Suit Enjoys "Magic Places With Magic People"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Leah Williamson is a top women's football player. She's currently playing for the Lionesses. Williamson has also been doing some traveling, and shared some highlights on Instagram. In them, she is seen hanging out with friends, spending time on a boat, walking on the beach, and enjoying cocktails. Williamson captioned the post, "Magic places with magic people." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Leah Williamson stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Follows Her Instincts

Williamson talked about her life and career in an interview with Women's Health. She says that she has learned to follow her instincts in the moment. "[Football] is not my everything. To continue to do this for another 10 years is quite a daunting thought. If you asked me what I want to be in five years, I'd just say happy. I had my plan from when I was a kid: I was going to get married at 24; I'd have a baby [at] 26. I really held on to that stuff. I've taken all that off [the timeline]. Because if it happens, it happens. I've learnt to really trust my feelings and myself now."


She's Confident

Williamson is all about having confidence in herself, and encourages others to feel the same. She tells Women's Health that soccer has helped her develop this mindset. "Even if someone else might not have liked the way I looked, to me I was fit, I was healthy, and I looked a way that I was happy with because I knew what I was doing made me happy. So, I think that was a major thing for me in school to come out unscathed, so to speak, in terms of those confidence and body issues that so many of my friends had.


She Takes Care Of Herself


Williamson revealed in her Women's Health interview that she has endometriosis. She says that she has learned to manage it, and knows when to take a break. "But you get to a certain age when you actually say: 'this is a really big f*cking problem'. I'm pretty sure if men had periods we would have figured out a way to stop them by now without doing any damage."


She Has Support

Williamson has received a lot of praise and recognition for her career. She told The Evening Standard that she feels a lot of love from others and is extremely grateful. "It is nice to be recognised for the work everybody did in the summer," she says. "It takes you back. We are closer to the next one than the one that has passed, but it's nice to remember."


She Wants To Make A Difference

Williamson has a large platform, and she wants to put it to good use. She told The Evening Standard that she wants to make a difference."Winning a trophy is my job, is it not? I am a footballer. Obviously, I am incredibly proud of that and I proud to be part of that team. But something like what we have done [with Government reform] feels like a moment you look back in your lifetime and say: 'We've made a difference'."

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