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LeAnn Rimes Shares Bikini Photo on Her 39th Birthday

LeAnn Rimes celebrated her 39th birthday this weekend and here's how she stays fit.

This is…almost 40. LeAnn Rimes celebrated her 39th birthday this weekend, happy with her husband, actor Eddie Cibrian ("Naps and Walks with you are my favorite"). She captioned an instagram photo her on a boat in a bikini with: "This is 39! #happybirthdaytome #lakelife #happyplace #birthday #39 #followthesun #virgo #virgobaby" (As with many Virgos, it didn't take long to move on to fall; she later Tweeted: "Ok, my bday is over and now I'm ready for pumpkin everything, sweaters, soup, cozy nights by the fire… all the things! #bringonautumn.") Read on to see 5 ways LeAnn Rimes stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Meditates

Rimes loved chanting so much, she released an album called CHANT: "The Human & The Holy. "As I started meditating I started chanting and singing. And as I felt what was coming through needed to come through and felt good, I would press record on my phone and get it down, then expand it from there," she told Forbes. "Chanting became part of my journey in learning to take my own voice back," Rimes explains. "I feel like so much of it has been given away outwardly, but I've never really used this incredible instrument I have for my own healing."

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She Has Boxed

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"Boxing is one of the best workouts you could possibly do. A two-minute round doesn't sound like much, but when you're moving constantly and throwing punches, it wears you out. And boxing workouts really build up your stamina," she once said


She's Serious When Working Out

Steve Granitz/WireImage

You won't find Rimes goofing off in the gym. "I'm serious about my exercise. I don't just doodle around. I see people at the gym talking on their cell phones. If they think their bodies are gonna change, you've got to put in the effort!"


She Believes in "Nourishment"


"Nourishment usually looks like high-quality, healthy, whole foods, but sometimes nourishment is the cake, the chips, the pizza, and the mac and cheese," LeAnn tells Women's Health. "It's all a balance." She told the magazine she usually eats leftovers for lunch, for example. "Our leftovers range from mushroom and poblano tacos in almond flour tortillas, to smoky white bean and greens soup, to a delicious chicken and veggie stir fry," she explains.


She Has Faced Down Her Anxiety and Depression

"I think it was the biggest gift I've ever given myself," Rimes told Forbes about checking into a clinic to help with her anxiety and depression nearly a decade ago, "to recognize when enough was enough and to ask for help. It was the beginning of the past eight years of my life, of allowing myself to open up in a different way, and really shift myself into a different headspace." If you need help, don't hesitate. "I began confronting things I ran away from," she says, "from the time I was a child, just to survive in the public eye. Growing up the way I did, with all eyes on me, it has taken time to really connect with my true self. As the daughter of parents who divorced at 14, at the height of it all, I had to shut it off to be able to thrive and contain my work. So, when I decided I wanted to change the way I was experiencing life, it led me on this journey."

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