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Lucy Fallon in Bathing Suit Says "Ur Sweet"

Here’s how she stays fit. 

Lucy Fallon, star of Coronation Street, has left Weatherfield for the beach. "ur sweet ice cream, but u could use a flake or 2 🌧🪩🌧🌴," she captioned a new swimsuit photo from Siyam World Maldives, the paradise getaway in Southern Asia. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Lucy Fallon stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Doesn't Overthink Food

"I think I got in such a rut of being like, 'I need to be really healthy and eat really good' and now I'm just like, 'If I eat a burger, I eat a burger', I'm okay with it," she explained on Lorraine. "When trying to lose weight, you might limit calories too much, eat the same foods repeatedly and banish treats. This may just serve to increase your food cravings, especially in response to emotions. Eat satisfying amounts of healthier foods, enjoy an occasional treat and get plenty of variety to help curb cravings," says the Mayo Clinic


She's Tried Yoga

Karwai Tang/WireImage

"Me and my lil sushi roll are practicing some serious self love this weekend! And we're kicking that off with a bit of yoga in the kitchen," she captioned a photo of her and her dog. "Yoga is as good as basic stretching for easing pain and improving mobility in people with lower back pain. The American College of Physicians recommends yoga as a first-line treatment for chronic low back pain," says Johns Hopkins. "Regular yoga practice may reduce levels of stress and body-wide inflammation, contributing to healthier hearts. Several of the factors contributing to heart disease, including high blood pressure and excess weight, can also be addressed through yoga."


Dogs are Great for Mental Health

"Pets can reduce work-related stress. Two out of three employees say work stresses them out and 40% say their job gets in the way of their health. Studies show that pets in the workplace help reduce stress and improve employee satisfaction," says the American Heart Association. "Pets can help increase productivity, wherever you work. When a dog joins a virtual meeting, group members rank their teammates higher on trust, team cohesion and camaraderie."


She Loves the Beach


Fallon is frequently caught in a swimsuit, and by the water. "Just lufal enjoying some hometown seaside joy 🦭," she captioned one shot of her under blue skies by the water. "There are three main factors that can inhibit a person's sleep: stress, not being physically tired, and imbalances in hormones. The beach can help to relieve stress, regulate hormones, and give you the daily dose of exercise you need to feel tired," says the University of New Hampshire. "Spending as little time as 10 minutes in the sun, you can absorb an entire day's worth of vitamin D! The extra vitamin D you absorb throughout your day at the beach will be stored in your body to be used later."


She Gets Her Heart Pumping in All Weather


"Pls swipe to see a few crazy kids having the time of their livvvessssss! ⛄️ 🛷 ☠️ x," she once captioned a photo of her and her pals sledding. "In the colder weather months, I think staying active can be as simple as in the warmer months, but you sometimes need to do a little more preparation for it," said the Cleveland Clinic. "Even though it might be snowing, it could also be very sunny outside. And there's a big sun glare coming off of the white snow. So you can actually get sunburn and wind burned in the winter and doing activities outside. So not only do you need to worry about frostbite, but also that as well."

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