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Luisa Collins in Bathing Suit Breaks Out the "Champers"

The presenter said that the photo was taken before she fell in. 

TV personality and presenter Luisa Collins just posted a stunning new photo on instagram of herself in a hot tub. However, she revealed in the post's caption that it wasn't easy to get. In the photo, Collins posed in a leopard one-piece swimsuit, with a glass of champagne in her hand. After the photo was taken, Collins said, "Fell in after this balancing act, champers spilt, worth it for my evening hot tub pic." How does she stay so fit at 34? Read on to see 5 ways Luisa Collins stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing-Suit Photos!


She Rides Horses

In addition to being a TV presenter, Collins is an avid horseback rider. Her Instagram bio even contains the word, "Equestrian." She has posted several photos and videos on Instagram of herself riding horses. 


She Does The "400 Calorie Workout"

Luisa Zissman/Instagram

Collins revealed some of her favorite ways to exercise in this Instagram reel. Her routine features burpees, jumping over and onto obstacles, and even some somersaults. She wrote in the caption, "The 400 calorie workout."


She Takes Supplements To Avoid Snacking

Ian West/Getty Images

After giving birth to her first child in 2013, Collins revealed to the Daily Star that she was insecure about her weight gain, and wanted to find ways to lose weight. She says that she turned to supplements to help her lose weight, and avoid snacking on unhealthy foods. "I'm a snacker at heart so I'll usually pick at anything that's around me. But when I take a Forza Raspberry Ketone in the morning and afternoon, my snacking habits are being curbed. They are like willpower in pill form. I feel more energized and taking the capsules has not really affected my lifestyle at all."


She Got Plastic Surgery

Ricky Vigil M/GC Images

Collins is open about having work done, specifically, having breast implants. She tells the Daily Star that she had this procedure done to build her confidence up after becoming a mother. "When you are pregnant you can lose sight of who you are and, for me, getting" implants "was part of being me again."


She Uses A Pilates Ring


Collins is a big fan of doing Pilates, and she tells Heatworld that she loves using a ring when she's doing her exercises. "I love a pilates ring. They're really good for stretching and you can put them in between your legs to tone up your inner thighs."

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