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María José Prieto in Bathing Suit Enjoys "Her Favorite"

Here’s how she stays so fit.

María José Prieto is drinking champagne in her swimsuit. The actress shows off her incredible body in a bathing suit while on the beach in one of her latest social media photos. "Hello Summer," she captioned the Instagram post. "My favorite bubbly one." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways María José Prieto stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



She Does Yoga

María doesn't just do yoga – she teaches it. "I am super hyperkinetic, I do a thousand things at the same time, super intense, climbing hills, with an agenda that the more things I had, the more productive I felt. And yoga made me stop and I realized that wisdom is not on the side of productivity as we are used to but on the side of awareness and being aware and in the present moment," she told Elmostrador. "Yoga, despite the fact that people think that it is just a physical exercise, is much more than that: it is about the many benefits that it can give you in a short time, and not only during the day but also throughout the week."


She Believes, Everything in Moderation

María is a believer of the "everything in moderation" approach. "I am not an extremist at all, I myself drink alcohol and eat meat, although little, because with yoga my body asks for other foods," she told Elmostrador. 


She Drinks Lots of Fluids in the Morning

"My breakfast starts with a cup of warm herbal water with a squeeze of lemon. Then a fruit and/or vegetable juice (whatever is left in the fridge) in a Greenis machine (like the Hurom) with a  shot  –which I have frozen– wheatgrass (wheatgrass juice with many properties)," she told La Tercera. "Then I have a cortado coffee or Chai Dilmah, well loaded with a bit of chancaca and a splash of milk."


This Is What She Eats in a Day

Her breakfast consists of two slices of whole-grain toasts with cheese, avocado, or eggs. "I have a stew for lunch, which can be nicknamed with potatoes and mushrooms or tomato with meat, for example, but in not very large portions. I accompany it with a salad with Hemps seeds and red tea to continue the day. In the afternoon I love to eat a bowl of oatmeal with milk, seeds and maqui or cranberry powder," she said. "At night, I love to drink my sparkling wine or cider to say goodbye to the day, and sit more calmly to eat grilled fish with a lot of garlic and rice or puree, or a Rana pasta with a small salad and the inevitable glass of wine Siegel red. I love ending the day with a delicious chocolate, too."


She Goes to the Gym

María goes to the gym four times a week. "I do cardio and fit two days (body pump or TRX or Rowling in 30-minute classes) and the other two I do my one-and-a-half-hour Iyengar yoga practice. Then I eat a protein bar because my tendency is to lose weight and that way I build muscle and not lose weight as much," she told La Tercera.

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