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María José Vargas Agudelo in Bathing Suit is in "Utopia"

Here’s how she stays in shape. 

María José Vargas Agudelo, the actress, is spending a day at the beach in a swimsuit, on a swing, glass of wine in hand. She captioned her post, "Bondadoso lugar inigualable que llegas a emanar millones de partículas de paz dejándome envolver por la sinfonía utópica Del Mar entre la arena 🌊." (Rough translation: "The kind of unparalleled place that you get to emanate millions of particles of peace letting me be enveloped by the utopian symphony of the sea between the sand.") How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways María José Vargas Agudelo stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Swims

María loves to spend time by the water. She has posted several photos on Instagram of herself by the pool or at the beach. Naturally, the actress is a big fan of going for a swim. She posted this series of photos of herself in the pool, captioning it, "In the gloom we touch ourselves letting ourselves bristle by the aroma of our skin. Ecstatic of feeling and being."


She Paddleboards

Swimming isn't the only aquatic exercise María loves to do. She also loves to go paddleboarding in the ocean. María posted this set of photos on Instagram of herself paddleboarding in Isla Tintipan. She captioned the post, "Loving you." She also posted these paddleboarding photos, captioning them, "Maybe I just want to appreciate that strange feeling towards you, the one that appeared suddenly since I met you, the one that makes me want to kiss you, the one that makes you my favorite distraction."


She Skydives

María loves to try new things, no matter how crazy or scary they are. One activity she recently tried was skydiving. She posted this video on Instagram of the experience. She captioned it, "Live."


She Goes Horseback Riding

While on a trip to Colombia, María went horseback riding. She posted this video on Instagram of herself going through a ride in the mountains. She captioned the video, "COLOMBIA 🇨🇴 is sunsets where the sun hides behind the mountain, it is music such as joropo, salsa, champeta… it is gastronomy such as Paisa tray, ajiaco, sancocho… Colombia is the plains where they teach us to take root in the roots, to keep original customs of our ancestors but above all they teach us to preserve the value and importance of caring for where we live and to preserve the Colombian boar, hardworking but above all humble and supportive."


She Goes Biking

María loves to go bike riding. She posted this photo on Instagram of herself biking through town. She captioned the post, "One day someone told me, 'life is like a bicycle to keep your balance you just have to keep moving forward', so I thank that person, because right now I am applying it."

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