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Mariazel Luce in Bathing Suit is "More Motivated Than Ever"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Mariazel Luce is a successful TV host and personality. She's spending the New Year in beautiful Acapulco. Luce just shared a stunning new photo on Instagram of herself on the beach. In it, she wore a white bikini, showing off her figure. She captioned the photo, "Stronger, more excited, more confident and more motivated than ever… Hello 2023!" Read on to see 5 ways Mariazel Luce stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



She Hikes


Luce spends a lot of time outside. She likes to do a lot of outdoor exercises to stay in shape. One thing Luce likes to do is go on walks and hikes. She shared these photos and videos on Instagram of herself hiking in Joffre Lakes with friends. She captioned the post, "Like in life itself, it's not just about reaching certain goals, but enjoying the road while we make it."


She Kayaks

Luce spends a lot of time by the water. One thing she enjoys doing is kayaking. She shared this photo on Instagram of herself rowing in Rio Set. She captioned the post, "Today I had a lot of fun at #RíoIset paddling in the #Ekaterimburgo and getting some exercise in!!" Luce shared this boomerang of the same day, captioning it, "Paddle it up!!! And that I'm going for a boat ride."


She Does Yoga

One workout Luce loves to do is yoga. She shares a lot of photos on Instagram of herself in different poses. She posted this photo of herself doing a handstand in her yard. She captioned the post, "Watching the world upside down!" Luce also shared this photo of herself in the same pose.


She Rock Climbs

Luce loves to rock climb as a way of staying in shape. She shared this photo on Instagram of herself at a facility, about to climb a wall. She captioned the post, "What a great exercise climbing is. Have you tried?"


She Bikes

Another outdoor activity Luce likes to do is go biking. She shares a lot of photos on Instagram of herself with a bike. While on a trip to Vancouver, Luce went on a bike ride by the water. She shared these highlights on Instagram. Luce captioned the post, "Exploring Vancouver by bike."

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