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Maura Higgins in Bathing Suit Says "Oh I Sea"

Here is how the Love Island star stays fit. 

Maura Higgins is white hot! The Love Island star flaunts her famously fit figure in her latest Instagram post, posing on a boat in a white swimsuit. "Oh I sea," she captioned the two snaps shared to her social media. How does the reality star and fitness enthusiast stay in shape? Read on to see 5 ways Maura Higgins stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Got "Too Thin" During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, Maura got too obsessed with fitness. "'It got to a stage where it was actually affecting my periods; I lost my period for four months. Especially at my age, it's obviously not good. I want to have kids someday so I know that's just not a good thing to happen," she told the Daily Mail. Luckily, her loved ones helped her get back on track. "When you have good people around you, mammy as well, she noticed, she said 'you've got too thin' or whatever and I was like 'yeah, yeah, yeah I know, I'm trying to sort it out.'"


She Started Eating More and Working Out Less

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To get healthy again she made some major changes. "I eased off the exercise and upped my calories and stuff. It's good to have people around you that are not afraid to say these things to you. It's so important. I'm feeling so much better," she told Daily Mail. "I'm not working out as much as I was, I ended up losing too much weight.'I'm not doing it as much, once, twice a week max."


She Focuses on Eating a Balanced Diet


"To be honest I'm just really good with my diet at the moment. It's all about balance," she told Daily Mail. "At the weekends I eat what I want and during the week I obviously try my best to eat healthier foods."


She Embraces Her Grey Hair

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Maura is an open book. "I put on Instagram a picture of my grey hairs and honestly the amount of messages I got from younger girls, girls in their early 20s saying "oh my God, thank you so much for this, I've never shown anyone my grey hair, I keep it a secret but now I feel like I'm going to embrace it and not be afraid," she wrote in an Instagram post. "My hair went grey when I was 18. I'm so used to it now, 18 feels like a long time ago. I don't know why it happened, maybe I'm old on the inside! I just said to mammy 'why has this happened? Why do I get the bad genes?' She said to me 'well it's not from me because I didn't have grey hair at 18!'"


She Eats Clean

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Maura eats clean…most of the time. "I'm not a nutritionalist or anything like that but I do have a good enough diet and stay as clean as possible, but then I still have whatever I want," she revealed during an Instagram Q&A. 

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