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Maya Jama in Bathing Suit Says "This is Me Now"

Here’s how she stays fit.

Maya Jama just shared a photo of herself in a swimsuit. "That was me yesterday. This is me now. I just tried to do 5 minutes on the treadmill and I want to vomit. It's a lovely day in the neighborhood though," she said, showing off a nice backyard patio. "It's oh so quiet, shh, shh," she continued, quoting a Bjork song. "I said I wanted to be a lady of leisure…" How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Maya Jama stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



She Works Out Early When Filming

Maya Jama/Instagram

"When I'm away filming, I try to wake up early so I can fit in a workout before arriving on set. It helps get me in the zone," she has said. "Early-morning cardiovascular workouts are well-supported to improve concentration and energy for the rest of the day. They also may have the added benefit of improving sleep quality for some people," says the Mayo Clinic. "Think of something that will really get you moving every day. Maybe it takes posting a picture from your healthier days on the fridge. Or perhaps you wish to keep up with the kids. Whatever it may be, make sure it gets you moving each and every time."


This is How Often She Works Out

"'I have loads of energy so lately I've been trying to channel that into an exercise routine. But I'm still very much a beginner. I now work out three to four days a week because I know it's an important part of keeping healthy," she said, according to Women's Health. "Here's what the research says: A single exercise session that gets your heartrate up can lower blood pressure, improve sleep, lower anxiety and improve insulin sensitivity on the day you do it. Other benefits, like lowering your risk of many chronic diseases and cancers, start adding up within days or weeks of regular physical activity," says the Mayo Clinic. "Regular activity sets you up to stay independent as you age, and lowers your risk of fall-related injuries. For many people with chronic conditions, it can lower your risk of all-cause and disease-specific mortality."


She Lifts Weights

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Maya lifts weights to feel strong. "I love feeling strong, but I'm not naturally like that. From an early age I'd be trying to use my mum's weight to do deep squats and build bigger legs," Maya says to Stylist UK. "In the first lockdown, I lived with friends and we all worked out together. It was good because when one person wasn't feeling it, the others would get you in the mood," Maya adds. "It's harder, now I'm on my own." 


She Incorporates Fitness Into Her Daily Life

Dave Benett/Getty Images

"Every morning I put good music on and dance around my bedroom or run up and down the stairs. I've found wearing ankle weights really useful, putting on thick socks and weights while I do my daily activities for some extra resistance. And I've got a bike in front of my TV so I can jump on that when I'm watching something," Maya told Stylist UK.


She Does Squats

Karwai Tang/WireImage

"Once you are at the bottom of your squat, check your form in the mirror. Are you sitting parallel to the floor? As you stand up, push your heels into the ground to generate a greater force. This is especially helpful once you start adding more weight. Focus on squeezing your glutes at the top of the squat as you come back to a standing position. Look straight ahead to help keep your shoulders back and your back straight while performing the squat," says ACE Fitness.

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