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Mel B in Bathing Suit is "Enjoying Life"

Here’s how this Spice Girl stays strong and healthy.

Happy birthday Mel B! The Spice Girl celebrated the big day by posting a reel of herself modeling a variety of swimsuits and bikinis, proving she is simply getting better and fitter with age. "48 and Enjoying life to the fullest whoop whoop," she captioned the post. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Mel B stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Core Workouts

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Mel B works hard to get those amazing ab muscles. "You can really give your core a good workout in as little as 15 minutes," she says. "I'll just get down and work the abs really hard with a mix of sit-ups, planks and some exercises with the medicine ball."


Protein, Vegetables, and Healthy Fats

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Mel B enjoys a diet rich in healthy fats and vegetables. "I keep it simple," she says. "For breakfast I'll whip up a quick smoothie with coconut water, greek yogurt, and whatever fruit I have around me, like banana and blueberries and granola. I'll have some dark rye avocado toast for lunch with a leafy green salad and grilled chicken for dinner with some stir-fry veggies. I snack on a mix of Brazil nuts, almonds and fruit throughout the day and try to keep my chocolate intake to two squares after dinner every other day."


Early Morning Workouts

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Mel B likes getting her workouts out of the way before the day gets too busy. "Workout first, either a sweaty gym session or a run followed by a heap of water and a good breakfast," she says. "The earlier the better. If I can get my workout done by 7am, I feel great for the rest of the day. Sometimes I don't manage before taking the girls to school so I do that after."


Protecting Her Skin

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Mel B makes a point of protecting her skin from the sun. "I've always tried to look after my skin," she says. "When working with makeup artists, they always give me tips. I'm always interested in skincare because it is so important. I started working on my skin right before the show [Special Forces: World's Toughest Test] because [we were filming in Jordan]. I wanted to ensure I had a great sun protector and cleanser. Even though we were in the desert, I wanted to stick to a routine because we weren't wearing any makeup on the show." 


Bikram Yoga

Mel B isn't the biggest fan of yoga, but admits it does have benefits for her wellness. "I really want to love yoga, but I just love high intensity workouts way too much," she says. "The more I sweat the better! Yoga is a bit too slow for me. But saying that, whilst doing Broadway I did a 60 mins Bikram yoga class that not only prepared my body for the two and a half our Broadway show, but also warmed up my vocal cords."

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