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Miss Universe in Bathing Suit and Other Star Snaps From The Week

These stars showed off their beach-ready bodies.

It might be one week until Christmas and until winter officially begins, but these celebrities are still celebrating swimwear season. Or at the very least aren't dealing with cold weather where they live, or they are and aren't affected by it. These ten celebrities all posted revealing photos this week, and showed off their incredible figures—for Miss Universe, it was even part of the job. Read on to see all the ways these celebs stay in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu

Menahem Kahana/Getty Images

The annual Miss Universe pageant was held in Israel this week, where Harnaaz Sandhu of India was crowned the winner. One of the parts of the competition was the swimsuit competition, and Sandhu stunned in a dark pink one piece swimsuit, with a leopard print cover up. According to Sandu's bio on the Miss Universe website, she believes in the saying "Great things happen to those who don't stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful."


Jamie Chung

Actress Jamie Chung posed poolside in a nice dress, while doing an Instagram ad for Stanley Brand. Chung is a big fan of doing yoga, and has posted this photo on Instagram of herself doing the tree pose. 


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian stunned in a black one piece swimsuit for i-D Magazine. Kardashian revealed on Twitter that she is on a plant-based diet. "No meat anymore," she wrote. Kardashian then broke down her favorite meals, writing, "Oatmeal and vegan sausage for breakfast, vegan tacos are my fave for lunch! Salads are good too!'


Amelia Hamlin

Model Amelia Hamlin posed after a dip in the pool, in a brown bikini. She captioned the photo, "Fun in the sun!" Hamlin is a big fan of swimming and going to the pool year round, as she posted this photo of herself in the water in March.


Hailey Bieber

In a photoshoot for Levi's, model Hailey Bieber posed in the brand's signature jeans, and a whit crop top. Bieber's flat abs were on full display. One of the reasons she has said abs? Pilates. "I used to be a ballet dancer so Pilates for me gets my body personally in the best shape because it's very elongating," she said on the Women's Health Going For Goal podcast. 


Bella Hadid

Model Bella Hadid decided to get outside and do a photoshoot for Instagram this week. She wore a bohemian inspired outfit, and showed off her signature flat stomach. When it comes to working out, Hadid is a big fan of boxing. She tells Vogue, "I train with my coach for intensive sessions. I run non-stop for 20 minutes followed by a boxing session and finally a series of weights targeting the abs and glutes." Hadid also says that she will spar with her older sister, fellow model Gigi Hadid. 


Ninel Conte

Actress and singer, Ninel Conte, posed in a white swimsuit while enjoying a day on a boat. Being a performer and singer, Conte has to learn and practice dances for her performances, and according to WebMD, all that dancing has a positive impact on her body. Exercise physiologist, Catherine Cram, MS, says "Dance is a weight-bearing activity which builds bones, it's also wonderful for your upper-body and strength."


Jena Sims

Pageant of Hope founder, Jena Sims, posed in a sun hat and a green bikini on Instagram. She captioned the post, "Seas and greetings." Sims also enjoyed some time in the snow this week with her fiance, Brooks Koepa. She shared this post from Big Sky, Montana, of the two of them skiing.  


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has never been afraid of showing off her body, and has been posting several swimsuit photos from her honeymoon. Another activity Hilton has been doing on her honeymoon is scuba diving. She shared this post on Instagram of herself scuba diving in Bora Bora, writing in the caption, "Fishing and scuba diving on my honeymoon like a true Aquarius queen!"


Mouni Roy

Actress Mouni Roy got outside this week with friends, and looked stunning in several colorful dresses. According to this photo on Instagram, Roy is a big fan of meditation, and says that it has made a big impact on her life. "​​So…. can't begin to explain how yoga and meditation has helped change my mindset and in turn has brought positive impact on my body.. it is so so imp to include yoga in daily life for a person's body, mind and soul. Start slow and steady, simple things, what your body can adapt quickly, slowly you ll see your body and mind asking for more. Replace the craving for bad with the good. Slow & steady. One tiny change at a time."

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