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Molly Sims in Bathing Suit Steams Up Cabo

Here’s how the supermodel stays fit.

Molly Sims is steaming things up south of the border! The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition alum flaunted her phenomenally fit figure in a shimmery Solid & Striped swimsuit on Monday, enjoying her New Year's getaway in Cabo San Lucas. "2022 I could get used to you ☺️" she captioned the snap of herself lounging in a rattan swing chair. How does the 48-year-old keep herself fit? Read on to learn 10 of Molly Sims' top tips for staying in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Don't Diet

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Molly chooses lifestyle over a strict diet. "It's more about living healthy and how you're feeling," she told Women's Health. "I truly, truly don't like the word 'diet.' I don't even like the scale. I use a pair of jeans; the jeans don't lie I can tell you that."


It Takes Work

Molly maintains that her fabulous figure takes a lot of work. "This does not come naturally," she once told Shape. "I have to work out 60 to 90 minutes at least five days a week and stick to a high- fiber, low-calorie eating plan."


Try HIIT Workouts

Molly is big into weight training and HIIT-style workouts, which she claims majorly changed her body after doing years of intense cardio. "I used to be that girl who wouldn't pick up the 2-lb weights at SoulCycle with the fear that I'd bulk. That mentality has shifted drastically," she revealed on her blog


Try This 20-Minute Workout

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"On good days, workout. On bad days, workout harder," she captioned an Instagram video, revealing her go-to short but intense workout. "Today's circuit is what I do when I just have 20 minutes with @lauralizkeller [Sims' personal trainer] to get it in and still break a sweat!" During the quick sessions she executes 45 second intervals of the following, with the entire set repeated two to three times: jumping jacks, modified pushups, tricep dips, squat jumps, leg raises, burpees, abd  lateral bend and hold – using ankle and wrist weights the entire time.


Do Intermittent Fasting

Molly is one of the many stars who swears by intermittent fasting. She eats her first meal, usually a smoothie with blueberries, almond milk, Vital Proteins protein, and greens, at noon, finishing her last meal of the day by 7 p.m. 


Avoid Sugar

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Sugar is not on Molly's menu. Instead, she loads up on mostly veggies, lean proteins, and fruits. "I tend to stay away from anything super sugary, like orange juice grapefruit juice, because it really spikes me," she dished to Women's Health. "I try to stay away from dried fruits; it's ultimately full of sugar."


Also Avoid Gluten

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While Molly isn't gluten-free, she tries to minimize her intake. "It's not that I'm celiac; I just feel better when I have less of it,"she explained to Women's Health. "I don't care if I'm being rude to the rest of the table," she previously told Shape about how she immediately orders a salad when she sits down at the table in order to keep herself from nibbling on carbs. "I just do it. Then I'm not tempted to reach for that bread."


Do Load Up on Healthy Fats


Molly loads up on healthy fats. "I would have never eaten an avocado 10 years ago if you paid me," she told Health. "Like, are you joking? But now, instead of binging [and] not eating all day, eat it and then you won't binge."


Bribe Yourself

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Molly bribes herself into healthy living. For example, she will set a goal like I'm going to get up every morning at 6:30 to work out," she told Shape. "Then, when I've kept with it all week, I give myself something I really want, like a new handbag or a piece of jewelry I'm coveting."


Sweat with Your Significant Other

Molly is a big fan of the buddy system. "My mom was on my daddy to exercise all the time," she told Shape. "She was like, 'Listen buddy, if I'm doing this, you're doing it too.' and I agree!" She and her husband often coordinate their sweat sessions to keep each other accountable.

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