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Monet Mazur in Bathing Suit is "Giving You La Piscene"

Here is how the All American star stays fit.

Monet Mazur is making a splash on social media with her latest swimsuit snap. The All American star flaunts her incredibly fit figure in her latest social media post, rocking a white swimsuit as she poses in front of the ocean. "Giving you La Piscene 🐟 (….sort of)" she captioned the Instagram snap. How does the actress make 46 look like 26? Read on to see 5 ways Monet Mazur stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Eats to Nourish

Monet looks at food as nourishment. "The Earth Bar is an amazing juice bar I discovered while I was pregnant, and I became really addicted to their shakes and juices," she told Romy and the Bunnies. "I am a profound believer that you can heal and nourish your body with everything from the earth and heal almost anything with nature."


She Does Kundalini Yoga

Monet revealed to Romy and the Bunnies that she is a big poser. "I also got deeply into Kundalini yoga which I've practiced for almost 12 years, but I went almost everyday while I was pregnant and had a very transformational experience practicing it so intensely with my teacher whom I love and adore– Tej at Nine Treasures Yoga," she said. 


She Is Active Outdoors

Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

Monet maintains an active lifestyle, spending lots of time outdoors. She documents her activities on social media. A few of her favorites? Swimming in the ocean and pools, riding bikes, and playing tennis. 


She Eats Healthy

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Mazur revealed in the Groomed LA podcast with Emily Wagner she recently overhauled her diet after being diagnosed with cancer. "I can't have anything that has hormones in it," she revealed. "I think I probably did everything for a while because I was completely living in fear. And then I realized if somebody at 38 that's completely healthy, that works out every day that doesn't do drugs that, that sleeps seven hours a night can get cancer and it's not running in your family, then it doesn't matter if you're having a soy cappuccino or a full fat milk cappuccino…I believe I got cancer from stress." 


She Took a Year Off and Moved to Spain

Donato Sardella/Getty Images

Monet revealed to Romy and the Bunnies that she took a year off to recalibrate. "We just did a massive move from Los Angeles to Spain, where I decided to take a year off to spend more time with my children and family. Life in this business can move so fast– I felt it was slipping away from me and I needed to just stop for a bit and live. It was an incredible year of traveling and learning new things: different ways to live, new languages, and cultures, and I feel that we all grew so much– closer together as well as individually," she said. 

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